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Classic Dance / Tari Klasik

As with Jaipongan, "Tari Klasik" is accompanied by Gamelan instruments. A few popular local classic dances include Tari Merak, Tari Kijang, Tari Ketuk Tilu, Tari Kukupu and Tari Sulintang, and Tari Tayuban (an indoor dance with gamelan orchestra and a generally male audience).

Watch Tari Merak:

Wayang Golek (Rod Puppets)

Wayang GolekWayang Golek is a West Java traditional 3-dimentional wooden rod puppet, which was first introduced around 1580 AD. A "Dalang" usually sits behind a table, hiding himself from the spectators and plays his puppets by moving rods connected to the puppets’ hands and heads. Mostly he speaks in either Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) or Sundanese and keeps changing his tone to differentiate between puppets.

The show is performed with gamelan music and a singer, and can last for a few hours. It is usually conducted in late evening. The team (Gamelan players, singer and the Dalang) normally wear Batik and a traditional batik hat, called Blangkon. See link below to watch gamelan music show.

Watch Wayang Golek:

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