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Hospitals/Clinics, Pharmacies

There are a few hospitals (Rumah Sakit - "RS" /roo-mâ sâ-kit/ ), clinics (klinik), pharmacies/chemists (apotik), that have considerably good standards and also has 24-hr emergency service.

One of the ambulances
Hospital sign
A typical chemist sign

List of a few hospitals in Bandung, in alphabetical orders:

RS Advent BandungRS Advent Bandung

Location:JI. Cihampelas No. 161
Telephone:+62 22 203 4386, 4201656

RS Al Islam

Location:Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 644
Telephone:+62 22 7565588, 7563233

RS Hasan SadikinRS Hasan Sadikin

Location:Jl. Pasteur No. 38
Telephone:+62 22 2034953-55

RS Immanuel Bandung

Location:Jl Kopo No. 161
Telephone:+62 22 5200358, 5201656, 5201139

RS M.Salamun (Indonesian Air Force Hospital)

Location: Jl. Ciumbuleuit No. 203
Telephone:+62 22 2032090

RS Muhammadiyah

Location:Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 53
Telephone:+62 22 7301052

RS St BoromeusRS St Boromeus

Location:JI. Ir. H Juanda No. 100
Telephone:+62 22 250 4041

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RS St Yusup Bandung

Location:Jl Cikutra No. 7
Telephone:+62 22 7208172

RS Umum RajawaliRS Umum Rajawali

Location:Jl Rajawali 38 Bandung
Telephone:+62 22 6011913, 6031087

RS Santosa

Location:Jl. Kebonjati No. 38
Telephone:+62 22 4248222

RSU Bungsu

Location:Jl. Veteran No. 6
Telephone:+62 22 4231550, 4217371


Apotek K24

Location:Jl. Laswi No. 1A
Telephone:+62 22 78217000
Operating hours:24 hours

Apotek Kimia Farma

Location:Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 235
Telephone:+62 22 2035121
Operating hours:24 hours

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