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Other Asian Food

Asian Spice Café

Asian and Western cuisine.

Location:No. 81, St. 111, next to Sihanouk Blvd
Telephone:+855 12 237113, 606255

Baan Thai Yai Restaurant

Location:No. 13, St. 99, opposite Son Saan Foundation
Telephone:+855 23 362991, +855 11 854479
Operating hours:daily, 7am-10pm.

Bali Café & Balibong

Serves Indonesian and Khmer food.

Location:No. 379, Sisowath Quay, Gnd Floor, Bali Café
Telephone:+855 23 982211, +855 12 385295, 831528
Fax:+855 23 218671

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

Named after a big river in Java Island, the restaurant serves authentic Indonesian dishes, such as "Pecel Lele", Ayam Goreng", and "Ayam Rica-rica".

Location:No. 42D, St. 488
Telephone:+855 12 339862, +855 17 67229
Operating hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm, Saturday, 10am-2pm
Price range:US$ 0.50 to $ 2.5
Remarks:located next to the Russian Market with a few internet cafes nearby.

Bi Won

Korean BBQ restaurant in a villa setting.

Location:No. 9, St. 566
Telephone:+855 23 990291
Remarks:has Korean wine and spirits.

Blue Cat Restaurant & Bar

Serves a few Khmer dishes, as well as other Asian and western food. The restaurant has been open since May 2008.

Location :No. 32-36, St. 110 (near Phsar Chas/Old Market)
Telephone :+855 23 215986, +855 12 788105, +855 12 954998
Operating hours:daily, 8am-1am
Restaurant's specialities:Khmer dishes on every weekend
Price range:US$ 2.5 to US$ 16
How to get there:about 50 meters from the Riverside
Busy times:restaurant's busy period is around 8pm and reservation can be made at any time
Remarks:alcoholic beverages available, free Wi-Fi and accepts credit card payments (Visa, Master or American Express). It also has pool table(s) for free.

Bua Khmer Restaurant

Located at Phnom Penh hotel, it says it uses authentic Thai ingredients and cooking techniques.

Location:No. 53, Monivong Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 990098, +855 11 499460
Operating hours:daily, 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm
Remarks:credit cards payment available.

Chiang Mai Riverside

Thai and local Khmer cuisine, Chinese, Vietnamese, western and vegetarian dishes.

Location:No. 227Eo, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 12 832369, +855 11 811456.

Coca Restaurant

Thai restaurant chain, originated in Thailand in 1957. Also serves Chinese and seafood.

Location:No. 9-14A, Mao Tse Toung Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 997809, 997731
Operating hours:daily, 6am-10pm.

Dosa Corner

An Indian restaurant that specializes in south Indian dishes.

Location:No. 5E, St. 51
Telephone:+855 12 673276
Operating hours:24 hours
Remarks:has been opened since January 2008.

Hua Nam Restaurant

Chinese, Thai, and seafood cuisine.

Location:No. 753, Monivong Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 364005
Fax:+855 23 726400
Operating hours:daily, 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm
Remarks:wine available, credit cards accepted.

Lay Lay Seafood Restaurant

Location:No. 68, St. 115, corner St. 242
Telephone: +855 23 998338, +855 12 881281.

Le Cedre Libanese Restaurant

Said to be the first Lebanese restaurant in Cambodia.

Location:No. 1, St. 360
Telephone:+855 12 810731, +855 23 997965
Operating hours:Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm, 5pm-till late
Remarks:it was established in June 2007 and serves Lebanese wines and Arguileh. Credit cards accepted.

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Mount Everest restaurant

Halal Indian and Nepali cuisine.

Location:No. 98AEo, Sihanouk Blvd, opposite Mobitel
Telephone:+855 23 213821, +855 12 706274
Operating hours:daily, 10am-11pm
Price range:around US$ 8 per person for a group of 10 persons, US$ 6.50 for a group of 11-40 persons, $ 6 per person for a group of more than 40 persons
Remarks:alcoholic beverages available. Cash payment only.

My Lien Bar & Restaurant

Serves Vietnamese and western cuisine.

Location:No. 42A, St. 174
Telephone:+855 12 840190
Operating hours: daily, 4pm-2am.

Neo Suki Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant.

Location:No. 191, Mao Tse Toung Blvd (St. 245)
Telephone:+855 16 338188, +855 23 218088

Suki Mk

Chinese soup restaurant.

Location:No. 19, St. 214, behind Royal Palace
Telephone:+855 12 902555, +855 16 946888

The Bamboo House Fine Dining

Serves Filipino cuisine.

Location:No. 16, St. 460
Telephone:+855 12 841302

The Tamarind

Mediterranean cuisine in a three floor bar and restaurant.

Location:No. 31, St. 240
Telephone:+855 12 830139, 727197
Operating hours:daily, 10am till late
Remarks: happy hours from 5pm-7pm, credit card payments available.

Tonle Bassac Restaurant

Serves grilled seafood, sushi, sashimi, Chinese food, etc.

Location:No. 177, Mao Tse Toung Blvd
Telephone:+855 92 913888
Fax:+855 23 220981

Warung Bali

Serves Indonesian dishes and Khmer dishes.

Location:No. 25Eo, St. 178, near National Museum
Telephone:+855 12 967480, 831528
Operating hours:daily, 9am-9pm
Price range:up to around US$ 5
Remarks:cash payment only.

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