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Asia Africa Orchid Expo

Asia Africa Orchid Expo?s "Orchid is Green Economic and Creative Industry" is being held for 5 days long, from 9 May to 13 May 2012 at Bank Indonesia Building?s area. There are many kinds of orchid species exhibited here, not only from Indonesia but also from fellowship members of the Asia Africa conference attendees, and many more, totaling of about 40 participants. Apart from the exhibition, there will be a seminar and tips to take care of orchids. So come and see the various types of orchids here!

The Wicked Artist and The Innocent Thief

The Wicked Artist and The Innocent Thief is an art exhibition about some controversial works of art of some local artists, such as Pink Swing Park by Agus Suwage, semi-naked photos of Anjasmara, and so on. Other Indonesian artists like Tisna Sanjaya, Agus Suwage and Isa Prakasa will also participate in this exhibition. The Wicked Artist and The Innocent Thief will be held for 1 week, starting from 7 May to 13 May 2012 at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, Bandung. For detail information, you may call Ms. Ghina on +62 85721166546.

Five Live Battlefield

This event is held by the students of SMAN 5 Bandung (a public high school) and consists of 3 main events: exhibition, parade and bazaar. The exhibition will be held on 31 March and 2 April 2012, parade on 7 April 2012, while bazaar on 5 May 2012. All events will take place at SMAN 5 Bandung itself (Jl. Belitung No. 8) and other determined places. For more information, please call SMAN 5 Bandung on +62 22 4206921.

The 3rd Southeast Scooter Jamboree in Bandung

This is a good news for scooter lovers in Bandung! There will be a big event for you on 5 May 2012 at Gasibu (located in front of Gedung Sate), from 9am till end. Many attractive programs will be held here, such as games, drag race scooter, music performances, bazaar, exhibition, as well as social activities. The 3rd Southeast Scooter Jamboree in Bandung is organized by the Scooter Owners Group Indonesia. For further information you can call Mr. Erwin on +62 81802025061.

National Computer Expo (NiCE)

This is a big computer exhibition in Indonesia, which will be held in 15 major cities in Indonesia, such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Malang, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, and so on. In Bandung, NiCE will be held on 2-6 May 2012 at Landmark Convention Center, Jl. Braga No. 129 Bandung. Come and get some special discount of computers and its accessories!

The 14th Jawa Barat Travel Exchange (JTX)

The 14th Jawa Barat Travel Exchange (JTX) will be held on 1 May 2012 and organized by ASITA Jabar (Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies of West Java). This event will be participated by worldwide various tourism entrepreneurs, such as from China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Unlike the 13th JTX that was held only in Bandung, the tourist destinations of the 14th JTX will also be held in Tasikmalaya and Garut, besides of Bandung. For further information, you may call ASITA office on +62 22 4264334 or by send email to:

Secondhand Serenade Live in Bandung, Jakarta, and Makassar

Secondhand Serenade, an indie rock band led by vocalist and guitarist John Vesely, will hold concerts in three cities in Indonesia. This is his third show in Indonesia, after his last performance in Bandung and Surabaya in 2011. This year, he will come back and make a great performance in Bandung (27 April 2012), Jakarta (28 April 2012) and Makassar (29 April 2012). In Bandung, the concert will be held at indoor venue, Bandung Convention Center, Jalan Sukarno Hatta No. 354, starts from 6pm till end. The ticket price is Rp. 220,000 for festival only. You can get the concert tickets in some places in Bandung, such as Mahana office at Jl. Purnawarman No. 70, Black Id Store at Jl. Sultan Agung 3C and Ultimate Ticket on +62 85722214166 and so on. For further information, please click here or follow @mahanalive.

Sashimi 2012 "Yuugou Jidai"

Sashimi 2012 "Yuugou Jidai" is a Japanese cultural event, which consists of a wide range of cultural festivals, competitions, and entertainment, such as ?Bunraku? show (a traditional Japanese puppet show), ?Taishogoto? (a collaboration between Japanese traditional instruments and Western instruments), Kendo show, ?Hanabi? festival (fireworks show), dance and singing competitions, cosplay competition, and so on. This event is presented by University of Widyatama Bandung and will be held on 27 April 2012, starting from 10am till 5pm, at Campus of University of Widyatama, Jl. Cikutra No. 204 A, Bandung. For registration and detail information, please call Mrs. Almaida on +62 83821369536 or Mohamad Azie Permana on +62 82126005021.

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