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Trademark Market at Paris van Java Mall

This is an annual fashion event at Paris van Java Mall, Bandung. This year, the event will be followed by around 75-100 local brand tenants. Trademark Market will be held for 4 days long, starting from 26 April to 29 April 2012. For more information, please visit:

Theater Show: "Rumah Boneka" in Bandung

This theater show will be held on 25-26 April 2012, starts from 8pm at Taman Budaya (Dago Tea House), Bandung. Rumah Boneka is adapted from famous a three-act play by Henrik Ibsen (Norwegian) named "A Doll's House". "The Indonesian version" tells about a middle class family in Jakarta who tries to keep the values of marriage and family. The "Rumah Boneka" is directed by Wawan Sofwan. Ticket price for students is Rp. 10,000 and Rp. 20,000 for public. For further information, you may call Ms. Sarah on +62 85624155331 or Ms. Ulfah on +62 85624972498.

Sendratari Show: Reog Ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo is a traditional art performance from Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia, which is usually performed by a leading figure named "Singo Barong" (a huge mask of lion with a peacock on top of it) and accompanied by many dancers and musicians. Reog Ponorogo has become one of Indonesia cultural heritages that is recognized by the world. You can watch this traditional art performance, "Sendratari show: Reog Ponorogo" at the indoor theater Dago Tea House, Bandung on 22 April 2012, starting from 6:30 till end. Ticket prices are Rp. 20,000 (students), Rp. 25,000 (public), and Rp. 50,000 (VIP). The tickets can be purchased at PSTK secretariat, Aula Timur ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) or call Mrs. Nunung on +62 85736178721.

Ganesha Music Event 2012: Pijar Apresiasi

"Ganesha Music Event 2012: Pijar Apresiasi" will be held on 21 April 2012, at 6pm and located at CC Basketball court, West Campus ITB. This is a campus music show presented by Apres ITB, a unit of student activities at ITB, which will show music performance of street musicians. Apart from that, there will be some guest stars too, such as Pure Saturday, RMHR (Rumah Musik Harry Roesli), and so on. This music event is free! For further information, please visit:

Alek Nagari 2012

Alek Nagari 2012 is an art and culture show that consist of some performances, such as theater show of "Perang Paderi" (a local war in Minangkabau, West Sumatera), traditional dance and music performance from Minangkabau, and Randai (traditional drama show from Minangkabau). This event will be held on 21 April 2012, starting from 7pm till end at GSG IT Telkom. Ticket price is Rp. 17,000 (presale) and Rp. 25,000 (on the spot). For detail information, you may call Mr. Sanupati on +62 856263405199 or Mr. Afdani on +62 85274515454.

Anime String Orchestra: 2nd Concert

Anime String Orchestra, a community of classical musicians from Bandung will hold their second concert on 9 April 2012 at IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia) auditorium Bandung, Jl. Purnawarman No. 32, starts from 7pm till 9pm. They will play some popular songs, such as Roundabout (Yes), Trilogy (Emerson Lake & Palmer), Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin), Hey Jude (The Beatles), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Nakal (Gigi) in a classical way. The concert ticket can be purchased at Tobucil, Jl. Aceh No. 56 Bandung (pre-sale ticket) for Rp. 30,000 and Rp. 40,000 for on the spot ticket. For more information, please call Mr. Syarif on +62 817212404.

Ja'u Timu (Leads To The East), The A.D. Pirous Solo Exhibition

This is a solo exhibition of A.D. Pirous, a famous painter from Aceh, Indonesia. Apart from his paintings, this exhibition will also display a number of archival collections, photographs, audio recordings, visual and devotional notes, lecture materials, and newspaper clippings. Ja'u Timu will be held on 11 March-8 April 2012 at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung. For further information, please click here.

We Are The In Crowd Live in Bandung

We Are The In Crowd, an indie band from New York will hold a concert in Bandung, at Dago Tea House, Bandung on 5 April 2012, starts from 4pm till 10pm. They also bring some opening acts like Gecko (Bali, Indonesia), Oh Chentaku (Malaysia), and Too Weak to Dance feat. Aska 'Rocket Rockers' (Bandung, Indonesia). The pre-sale ticket can be bought at Deep Insight, Ollie Haircutting, Ardan Radio, Rocks Denim, INA Concerts, and Daily Concerts for Rp. 250,000, while on the spot tickets are sold at Rp. 300,000. For more information, you may call Plan and Play, the promoter on +62 85624885931 (Mr. Samuel).

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