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Supper Snapshots Photos Exhibition: "Capturing 2 Cuisines"

The Supper Snapshots is a photo exhibition held by Oxalis (from Indonesia) and Marteen (from the Netherlands) that tells about the differences of tastes and eating habits of Indonesians and Dutch people. After meeting for the first time in the Netherlands in 2009 they began the "Supper Snapshots" blog project on October 2009. This project lasted for 2 years with total photos of about 1,460 pieces. They will hold the exhibition in Bandung for more about 2 weeks, starting from 17 March to 31 March 2012 at Common Room Networks Foundation, Jl. Kyai Gede Utama No. 8. For more information, please visit: Come and enjoy the snapshots of cultural diversity of Indonesia and Netherland!

Grey Festival 2012

This festival is held by students of Economic Faculty, University of Padjadjaran Bandung on 25-31 March 2012 at GOR Padjadjaran Graha Sanusi, Unpad. Grey Festival is basketball and futsal tournaments for high school students in Bandung. Apart from basketball and futsal tournaments, there are modern dances and photography competitions. For detail information, please call Mr. Rizki on +62 8575937600 or Nadia on +62 85721386734.

Snowing in Bandung

Do you want to experience snowy winter days even in a tropical country like Indonesia? Not to worry, you can get it at the Snow World International in Citylink located at Jl. Peta, Bandung, which is being held until 31 March 2012. The Snow World International is said to be the biggest snowing place in Bandung. You and family can enjoy the sensation of snow falling in -15°C, ice sliding, as well as seeing the artworks from seven worldwide ice sculptors, such as the sculpture of Gedung Sate, Dragon, Snowman, etc. The operating hours of Snow World International: Monday-Thursday, 11am-9:30pm; Friday-Saturday, 2pm-9pm; Sunday and public holidays, 10am-9:30pm. Come and get your winter sensation in Indonesia!

Shed Seven To Hold Concert in Bandung

A British indie band will hold a concert in Bandung this weekend! Shed Seven, an indie rock band from York, United Kingdom will make a live performance at The Venue Concert Hall Eldorado Bandung on 31 March 2012. Officially formed in 1990, they have been started to gain the popularity, especially in Asia by their second album "Maximum High" with hit singles like "Where Have You Been Tonight", "Getting Better" and "Going for Gold". The ticket can be purchased at FFWD Records (Bandung), Aksara Book Store (Jakarta), Gate Store (Yogyakarta), and so on. For further information, please call 3HUNDRED office on +62 22 7279675 or by email at

Bandung "Chartfest" (Charity and Art Fesival) 2012

It is a live music concert integrated with a charity event, which will be held by the Faculty of Communication Sciences?s students, University of Padjadjaran Bandung. Apart from that, there will be a series of photography contest, exhibition, and workshop, as well as a band competition in this event. Bandung Charity and Art festival 2012 will be held on 11 March 2012 at Dago Tea House , Bandung. For further information and contestant registration, please click here (available only in Bahasa Indonesia).

The 1st ITB Geothermal Workshop 2012

This is a big workshop event related in geothermal area in Bandung. With the theme "Toward National Geothermal Capacity Building in Indonesia", this event will discuss and analyze anything associated with geothermal, such as about its potential, how to explore and develop this area into the great industry in Indonesia. Besides that, an exhibition and a photo contest, as well as a field trip to the geothermal resources in Bandung and its surrounding. Expected, a numerous of scientists, engineers and industrial stakeholders will attend to this event. The 1st ITB Geothermal Workshop 2012 will be held on 6-8 March 2012 at ITB Campus, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung. For further information and registration, please visit:

Gelar Budaya Aceh 2012

Gelar Budaya Aceh 2012 or literally means Aceh Culture Fair 2012 is held by Unit Kebudayaan Aceh, a students organization of Aceh culture in ITB. This event is aims to promote Aceh traditional art and culture by its traditional dances, culinary, traditional customs, and so on. The exhibition will be held on 2 March 2012, while the main event on 3 March 2012 by performing the "Sendratari" (a collaboration of drama, traditional dance and music in one show) of Cut Nyak Dien, an Indonesian national hero from Aceh fighting against the Dutch army. This Aceh Culture Fair 2012 will be held at ITB Campus area, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung. For further information, please visit website:

Bandung Clothing Expo 2012

Bandung Clothing Expo is coming back this year, which brings you more than 100 renowned clothing brands, not only from Bandung, but also from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Tangerang, and so on. This event will be held on 2-4 March 2012 at Lapangan Gasibu, Bandung (in front of Gedung Sate Bandung). Apart from clothing, there will be a performance of Bandung indie bands, skateboard competition, and many more. So, don't miss it!

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