Local Products

There are numerous places where you can buy souvenirs of Balikpapan. Listed below are a few of them.

Fitriah Souvenir

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 12
Telephone:+62 542 414888, 7022550, 749599
Fax:+62 542 414888
Operating hours:daily, 8am-8pm
Nearby facilities:ATMs/banks, shopping center, hotels, restaurants
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Damai" terminal, take the no. 6 and stop in front of the shop (fare: Rp. 3,000).

Pusat Perdagangan Batu Permata & Kerajinan Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur Balikpapan / Kebun Sayur Handicraft and Souvenir Market

This is one of the well known places to visit for souvenirs, where you can find shops selling gemstones, such as diamonds, jade or gold. Kalimantan is rich with minerals and this is one of the reasons why gemstones are cheaper here compared to other places in Indonesia. Apart from gemstones, you can also find t-shirts or the Dayak’s arts shops. If you have any jewelry, gold or silver that needs to be cleaned or refreshed, some shops provide the service.

Location:Jl. Letjend. Suprapto, Kota Lama Balikpapan
Operating hours:daily, around 8am-6pm
Facilities:parking area, toilets
Nearby facilities:ATMs/banks, restaurants, hotels, warungs
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Damai" Terminal, take the dark blue "mikrolet" no. 6. (fare: Rp. 2,500)
Remarks:cash payment only. Visitors are welcome to bargain, though it might be a little bit challenging for “less experienced” shoppers. Some sellers might not be fluent in English.

UKM Center

Established in 6 May 2009, this place provides numerous handicrafts and other things, which are souvenirs from Balikpapan and the region.

Location:Gedung UKM Center, Jl. Marsma Iswahyudi 353 (in front of the Sepinggan Airport)
Telephone:+62 542 7266505

Palm Hills Art & Cultural Center

This is a restaurant that has a beautiful view. The restaurant also has a gallery and art center, all is located in the same complex. Traditional performances or events are performed on certain occasions. Mr. Soepardi can be contacted regarding the shows schedules. He speaks only Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Location:Palm Hills City, Jl. Mulawarman Sepinggan
Telephone:+62 542 770620, Mr. Soepardi Boikan: +62 858 78923388
Operating hours:daily, 10am-10pm
Price range: restaurant starts from Rp. 45,000
Facilities:parking area, toilets, lounge
Nearby facilities:warungs, travel agents
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Damai" terminal take the no. 7 and get off near the "Gallery Art & Cultural Center" signboard (fare: Rp. 3,000). It takes about 10 minutes walk from the main street to this place or you can take an "ojek" as an alternative (fare: Rp. 5,000)
Remarks:it might be crowded on weekends. Advance booking for group is recommended. Most of the paintings are tagged from Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 25,000,000. Mr. Yadi is one of the painters. He can be contacted by phone at +62 856 1114198 for further information about the paintings.

Pasar Klandasan (Traditional Market)

This is one of Balikpapan’s traditional markets. Going to this market can be an interesting visit, not just to buy their fresh products at ”real local" prices, but also to interact more with the locals. The market sells anything, mostly to cater local residents, such as fresh fruits, fish, crabs, lobsters (wet market).

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Opening hours:daily, from early in the morning to late afternoon
Facilities:parking area, toilets (not in its best conditions)
How to get there:mikrolet” no. 6 goes right in front of this market
Remarks:most of the sellers speak only Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Shopping Malls

The Plaza Balikpapan

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 1 Klandasan Ilir
Telephone:+62 542 7589888
Fax:+62 542 735123
Operating hours:daily, 10am-10pm
Nearby facilities:hotels, ATMs, & government offices
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Damai" terminal, take the dark blue one (no. 6) and ask the driver to drop you off at the Plaza (fare: Rp. 2,500)
Remarks:cash or credit card payment available.

Balikpapan Trade Center

Location:beside the Plaza Balikpapan, Jl. Sudirman
Operating hours:daily, 10am - 10pm
Nearby facilities:ATMs/banks, restaurants, hotels, warungs, pubs, karaokes
How to get there:by "mikrolet": take the no. 6 from "Damai" terminal, then stop right in front of this shopping mall. It takes about 10 minutes from "Damai" terminal to "BTC". There is a big sign of "Hypermart" on top of this building (fare: Rp. 3,000)
Remarks:this mall was established in November 2008 and has one of the high class modern markets in town, Hypermart. This mall also has “XXI” cinemas, a cinema company that caters middle class and above audiences.

Fantasy Junction / Mal Balikpapan Baru

Location:Balikpapan Baru housing area
Operating hours:daily, 10am - 10pm
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Balikpapan Permai" or "BP", take mikrolet no. 3 and get off in front of the mall. You can ask the driver to drop you off there (fare: Rp. 3,000).

e-Walk Balikpapan Super Block (BSB)

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Operating hours:daily, 10am - 10pm
Nearby facilities:laundry
How to get there: by "mikrolet": from "Damai" Terminal, take "mikrolet" no. 7 and get off in front of the place. It has a big signboard: "Balikpapan Super Block" (fare: Rp. 3,000).

Rapak Plaza/Ramayana

Location:Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 1, Balikpapan
Telephone:+62 542 748000
Operating hours:daily, 10am - 10pm
How to get there:by "mikrolet": from "Kampung Baru" terminal, take the no. 5 and ask the driver to drop you off at this plaza. The building is quite big and you will read "Ramayana" signboard on the top of the building (fare: Rp. 3,000).

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