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Alley Cat Café

Serves western cuisine.

Location:St. 19, corner of St. 19 and St. 177, opposite School of Fine Arts
Telephone:+855 12 306845
Operating hours: daily, 11am-10pm.

Anthony Pizza

Location:No. 24, St. 94
Telephone:+855 12 809597
Operating hours: daily, 8:30am-10pm.

Aria D’Italia

An authentic Italian pizzeria with garden atmosphere.

Location:No. 9, St. 254, next to Naga Clinic
Telephone:+855 12 840705
Operating hours: daily, 10:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-10pm.

Bistro Lorenzo

Filipino and western cuisine restaurant.

Location:No. 154-156Eo, St. 53
Telephone:+855 23 997300

Blue Cat Restaurant & Bar

Serves a few Khmer dishes, as well as other Asian and western food. The restaurant has been open since May 2008.

Location:No. 32-36, St. 110 (near Phsar Chas/Old Market)
Telephone:+855 23 215986, +855 12 788105, +855 12 954998
Operating hours:daily, 8am-1am
Restaurant's specialities:Khmer dishes on every weekend
Price range:US$ 2.5 to US$ 16
How to get there:about 50 meters from the Riverside
Busy times:restaurant's busy period is around 8pm and reservation can be made at any time
Remarks:alcoholic beverages available, free Wi-Fi and accepts credit card payments (Visa, Master or American Express). It also has pool table(s) for free.

Bopha Phnom Penh Titanic Restaurant

Situated on Tonle Sap river bank, this restaurant has 300 seats and serves both Khmer and western dishes.

Location:Sisowath Quay, next to the ferry terminal
Telephone:+855 23 427209, +855 12 811565
Fax:+855 23 992800
Price range:US$ 3 to US$ 14.5
How to get there:located next to the ferry terminal on the Riverside area
Remarks:daily Apsara dance performance from 7pm-9pm. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are available.

Bougainvillier Restaurant

Bougainvillier Restaurant, which is located within Bougainvillier hotel premises, offers both fine French and Khmer cuisine. The restaurant also has a selection of wine from France.

Location:No. 277G, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 23 220528
Opening hours:daily, 6am-10pm
Price range:main dishes from US$ 8, daily Khmer lunch set menu US$ 8.50
Remarks:credit card payment available. Daily breakfast buffet from 6am-10:30am.

Cafe Fresco

One of the FCC group, located at the FCC Phnom Penh, opened in 2002. This cafe serves mainly sandwiches.

Location:No. 361, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 23 217041, +855 12 235222
Operating hours:daily, 7am-9pm
Price range:US$ 3 to $ 5.5
How to get there:located along the Tonle Sap river, walking distance from the National Museum
Remarks:free Wi-Fi. Alcoholic beverages available.

Café Poste

Serves sandwiches, burgers, quiches lorraines and many other European and Asian food.

Location:No. 7, St. 100, near the main post office
Telephone:+855 23 722291
Operating hours:daily, 6:30am-9:30pm
Remarks:free Wi-Fi.

Comme à la Maison Delicatessen

French home-made bakery and pastry, as well as French cuisine. The restaurant has weekly special menus.

Location:No. 13, St. 57
Telephone:+855 23 360801, +855 12 951869
Operating hours:daily, 6am-10:30pm
Price range:US$ 3 to $ 12.5
Remarks:it has an outdoor setting and serves alcoholic beverages.

FCC Phnom Penh

Opened in 1993, overlooking the convergence of Mekong river and Tonle Sap river.

Location:No. 363, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 23 724014, 210142, +855 12 253222
Remarks: free wifi.

frizz Restaurant

The restaurant, owned by a Dutch expat, opened its door for the first time in 2004. It serves both Khmer and international dishes.

Location:No. 67, St. 240
Telephone:+855 23 220953, +855 12 524801
Remarks:also runs a cooking class.

Garden Center Cafe

Serves Western, Asian, Vegetarian and Mexican cuisine.

Location:No. 175, St. 155, near Wat Phnom
Telephone:+855 23 997850, +855 92 429968
Operating hours:daily, 7am-10pm, closed on Monday
Remarks:Wi-Fi available and accepts credit card payments.

Happy Pizza

Also serves Khmer food, such as Amok.

Location:No. 223Eo, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 23 330443, +855 12 559114
Remarks:serves breakfast at 7am.

Java Café & Gallery

Though the name sounds Indonesian (Java island), it serves mainly western dishes, such as sandwiches, Panini and salads. Established in 2000.

Location:No. 56E1, Sihanouk Blvd (St. 274)
Telephone:+855 92 289126
Operating hours: daily, 7am-10pm.

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Opened its first store in Phnom Penh in 2008 and has a few locations in Phnom Penh.

Location:No. 170, Monivong Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 213772
Price range: up to around US$ 5.

La Volpaia

A pizzeria that has two other restaurants in Tokyo and Seoul.

Location:St. 102, opposite the post office
Telephone:+855 23 992739, +855 12 473239
Operating hours:Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm, Weekends, 12pm-10:30pm
Remarks:credit cards payment available.

Luna d’Autunno

This restaurant opened in the midst 1990’s in Hanoi, Vietnam. It has quickly been a success due to its outstanding traditional Italian food combined with the natural Italian sense of welcoming guests and sharing good times with friends or family, always a famous Italian wine bottle nearby. This is the "spirit of Luna d'Autunno". Today it has 4 restaurants in south east Asia and it can be busy on weekends and during dinner time.

Location:No. 6C, St. 29 (next to the Independence Monument)
Telephone:+855 23 220895, +855 92 279781,
Facebook:Luna d'Autunno Phnom Penh
Operating hours:daily, 11am-11pm
Restaurant's specialities:homemade pasta, woodfired pizza oven, gnocchi, risotto
Price range:US$ 4 (soup) to $ 17 (steak)
How to get there:by Tuk-tuk from anywhere around the city for about US$ 2
Busy times:reservation is recommended on Friday and Saturday evening
Remarks:alcoholic beverages available, free Wi-Fi and accepts credit card payment (Visa, Master or American Express). It also has a garden terrasse setting.

Pacharan Tapas & Bodega

Advertised as the first Spanish Tapas and Bodega in Phnom Penh.

Location:No. 389E1, Sisowath Quay (entrance on St. 184)
Telephone:+855 23 224394
Facebook:Pacharan Phnom Penh
Operating hours:daily 11am-11pm
Remarks:happy hours: 4:30pm-7:30pm.

The Coffee Maker

Choices of coffees, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Khmer, Asian and western.

Location:No. 50, Sihanouk Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 987721

The Deli

French cuisine restaurant and bakery.

Location:No. 13, St. 178
Telephone:+855 23 222234
Operating hours:Monday-Saturday, 7am-9:30pm
Price range: breakfast from US$ 3.

The Jungle Bar and Grill

BBQ ribs on every Wednesday at 7pm.

Location:No. 273Eo, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 12 474230
Operating hours: daily, 7am-1am.

The Kandal House

Home made fresh pastas and pizzas, as well as Asian food.

Location:No. 239BEo, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 23 986803, +855 12 525612
Operating hours:daily, 8am till late night
Remarks:free Wi-Fi, accepts credit cards. Happy hours from 3pm to 8pm.

The Pizza Company

It has several outlets in Phnom Penh.

Location:No. 13-61, St. 63, Sorya Shopping Center, 4th floor
Telephone:+855 23 223607
Fax:+855 23 426752
Operating hours:daily, 10am-10pm
Price range: around US$ 5.

Topaz Restaurant & Piano Bar

French traditional cuisine under a French chef team.

Location:No. 182, Norodom Blvd
Telephone:+855 23 221622
Remarks:wine available.

Van’s Restaurant

The restaurant that has been operating since December 2007 is well known for its gastronomic French cuisine.

Location:House No. 5, St. 102, near Phnom Penh's main post office
Telephone:+855 23 722067
Operating hours:daily, 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-10:30pm
Restaurant's specialities:the restaurant has a special monthly promotion menu
Price range:US$ 8 to $ 60
How to get there:by Tuk-tuk or on foot
Busy times:Friday & Saturday between 7:30pm-8:30pm. Reservation is suggested
Remarks:alcoholic beverages available and accepts credit card payment (Visa, Master, American Express or USB). Smart and causal dressing is suggested.

Veiyo Tonle Restaurant & Cafe

Veiyo restaurant's specialties are its gourmet pizza, baked from its firewood oven and its selection of pasta. Apart from pizza and pasta, Veiyo also serves salads and breads, Asian cuisine and Khmer cuisine as well.

Location:No. 237Eo, Sisowath Quay
Telephone:+855 12 847419, +855 16 938404
Opening hours:daily, 7am-11pm
Price range:around US$ 5
Remarks:traditional performances on Saturday and Monday evening at 8pm. The restaurant also has free delivery services.

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