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Butterflies Garden Restaurant

This restaurant has a outdoor setting with beautifull view of 1,500 tropical butterflies, 500 kinds of flowers and fruiting trees inside the restaurant. Its serves many kinds of Khmer food, western, and vegetarian food. The customers can see some entertainments, such as traditional dance performances and see the releasing a hundreds of butterflies into the air while eating.

Location:on the east side of the river in the Wat Bo area, Siem Reap
Telephone:+855 63 761211
Opening hours:daily, 9am-10pm
Price range:
Remarks:a 45 minutes traditional dance and music performance every Tuesday evening, starting at 7:30pm on the garden stage and the releasing of the hundreds of butterflies into the air every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 11am. For more informations about events, contact Mr. Sokhon at +855-63-761-211 (after 3pm).

Chusska Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

A pure Indian vegetarian restaurant in town that serves one of the finest authentic Indian vegetarian food in a comfortable restaurant, located in the heart of Siem Reap. Vegetables are always parts of the restaurant’s dishes and presented in a number of ways. All dishes in the restaurant are prepared with vegetable oil and vegetables are cleaned with drinking water and the ice cubes are made of purified water.

Location:Street 7, the Old Market Area, one block to the north of Pub Street
Telephone:+855 12 212138
Opening hours:daily, 11am-10pm
Price range:
Remarks:free Wi-Fi.

India Gate Restaurant

As indicated by its name, the restaurant mainly serves Indian food cooked by an Indian chef. It has dishes for vegetarians too.

Location:Sivutha Boulevard (near Pub Street or Terrasse des Elephants)
Telephone:+855 93 400148, +855 90 777235, +855 98 547861
Opening hours:daily, 8am-10:50pm
Price range:
Remarks:accept cash payment only.

Maharajah Restaurant

Maharajah offers quality food combined with helpful staff with a convivial atmosphere in the restaurant. The restaurants says that it always use fresh daily brought ingredients in order to serve the finest range of halal vegetarian dishes, as well as halal non-vegetarian. The restaurant also uses high quality authentic Indian spices. All dishes in the restaurant are prepared with vegetable oil and vegetables are cleaned with drinking water and the ice cubes are made of purified water.

Location:Sivatha Road, the Old Market area, in front of Terrasse Des Elephants
Telephone:+855 92 506622
Opening hours:daily, 11am-10pm
Price range:$3-$6
Remarks:a halal restaurant that also serves Pakistani dishes, free Wi-Fi.

Singing Tree Café

This garden cafe’s specialties are vegetarian menu and Khmer dishes, as well as fish and seafood dishes. Singing Tree Café guarantee the freshness and cleanliness of all the dishes that they served.

Location:2nd lane between Wat Bo Street and Siem Reap river
Telephone:+855 92 635500, 63 965210
Opening hours:8am-9pm
Price range:
How to get there:just located at the entrance of Alley West or behind Pub Street (a short walk for about 20 meters)
Remarks:it has a computer and a large room above café for some activities, such as yoga classes, meditation practice and theatrical shows. Free internet and Wi-Fi are also available.

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