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Banks/Money Changers

There are quite a number of national banks in Manado. Their operating hours is between 8:30am to 3pm or 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. It is hard to find a bank in Manado that accept traveller's cheques. There is one bank that does traveller's cheque encashment but charges ? 5 per cheque.

Privately run money changers are mostly located in city areas and only a few of them accept traveller's cheques. Usually they don't charge commissions. While ATMs are conveniently available in many parts of the city and most of them do accept international cards, though you need to check with your bank for international withdrawal fees.

Banks in Manado

Bank Artha Graha
Location: Jl. Kemakmuran 23, Calaca
Tel: (+62 431) 868033

Bank Central Asia
Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi 17-19
Tel: (+62 431) 868438, 852778

Bank Danamon
Location: Jl. Sutomo 62
Tel: (+62 431) 868138

Bank International Indonesia
Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi 18
Tel: (+62 431) 860543

Bank Mandiri
Location: Jl. Datulolong Lasut No. 15
Tel: (+62 431) 847138

Bank Negara Indonesia
Location: Jl. Datulolong Lasut No. 1
Tel: (+62 431) 868019, 861331

Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Location: Jl. Sarapung 4-6
Tel: (+62 431) 863378

Bank Sulut
Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9
Tel: (+62 431) 851451

Bank Tabungan Negara
Location: Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 56
Tel: (+62 431) 868095

Bank Niaga
Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi 205
Tel: (+62 431) 863100, 843749

Bank Panin
Location: Jl. Dotulolong Lasut No. 7
Tel: (+62 431) 853055


Manado and its neighboring towns in the south has quite a big difference in climate. Manado which lies next to sea stays hot and humid, where Tomohon and Tondano lie up on a high ground that gives them a pleasant yearly average temperature of 22°C (72°F).

However, north Sulawesi has only two seasons: wet and dry seasons, where usually between June to August as the driest months.


Hospitals and Pharmacies

There are a few hospitals (Rumah Sakit or "RS" /roo-mâ sâ-kit/ ) in Manado and its surroundings, which some have considerably good standards and also has a 24-hour emergency service. There are also numbers of clinics (klinik), while pharmacies/chemists (apotik) are plentiful.

Police operated ambulance
Hospital sign
A typical chemist sign

List of a few hospitals in Manado, in alphabetical orders:

RS Advent, Manado

RS Budi Mulia, Jl Sam Ratulangi X/9A, Bitung

RS Islam Sitti Maryam, Jl Pogidon Raya 53, Manado

RS DR. Sam Ratulangi

RS Siloam, Desa Tounelet, Sonder

RS Setia Budi, Kota Langowan

RS Pancaran Kasih, Jl. Sam Ratulangi XIII, Manado

RS Pusat Malalayang, Malalayang, Manado

Important Telephone Numbers
(Local Call - 0431)

Airport - Sam Ratulangi 814320
Ambulance Services 118
Police 112, 840690
Hospital - TNI-AL, Bitung (0438) 21264
Hospital - Dr Sam Ratulangi 321022
Ship/Pelni Information (0438) 35818
Telkom Call Centre (a telephone company) 147
Telephone Number Information 108
Public Phone
Embassies and Consulates click here



Local people in Manado are generally friendly and helpful, and mostly are believers of Christianity. Even though it is a Christian predominated region, women travellers are advised to dress up properly in order to avoid unnecessary attention, especially when visiting churches. Click "Tips" above or here for more matters on Clothing.

People in a pub
Local teenagers with their laptops in a shopping mall
Local crowds

You might also experience a few greetings on streets, especially from local kids or people those might try to make conversations with you. If you think the locals laugh or smile a lot during talking to you, don't take it wrongly as if something is funny or wrong with you, it is just part of their smiling cultures.


Should you like to develop and print your photos, there are many photo services in Manado. Generally locals go to either Kodak or Fuji shops. Processing time depends on the numbers of printing, but usually it takes around one hour or less for a set of photos, and cost about Rp. 1,500 for one print.


In old days, a group of people, usually the young ones, liked to get drunk and made troubles, especially in remote areas. However, today locals in north Sulawesi believe the situation is much better, even though they still advice visitors to avoid walking alone along Jalan Pierre Tendean (Boulevard), see Manado City, after 10pm.

Other common crimes in big cities like pickpocket is fortunately a rare problem.

Police in Indonesia (and Manado itself) in general is changing towards better public service standards. Though changing the old habits (and public perception) is not easy and takes time, they have been doing lots of things to improve public perception. For instance, renewing a driving license which in the past took a few hours and would make people ended up paying a lot more, today it can be done almost instantly without extra charges.

For more general information and tips on Indonesia please click here: "General Information" and "Tips".

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