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Monuments & Statues

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In Manado

There are a lot of statues and monuments in Manado and North Sulawesi. A few of them are listed, as follows:

Dotu Lolong Lasut Statue

Lolong Lasut is believed to be the founder of Manado, who lived in the early 16th century. His statue is currently standing tall in Manado's city square called Taman Kesatuan Bangsa, which was inaugurated in 1987.

Location: in Taman Kesatuan Bangsa, Pasar 45
How to get there: by mikrolets: go to "Pasar 45 angkot terminal", and continue with a short walk from there
Remarks: a few other tourism objects nearby.

Pierre Tendean and Wolter Mongonsidi

Statues of two Indonesian national heros. Pierre Tendean was an Indonesian army lieutenant when he was kidnapped and shot to death in 1965, as he protected one of Indonesian high profile army generals. He was killed along with six high profile army generals. Later the government awarded him with a posthumous rank of captain for his bravery. His body is buried in Jakarta's national heroes cemetery.

Wolter Mongonsidi is another Indonesia's national hero from North Sulawesi, as Pierre Tendean. In 1940s he fought against the Netherlands occupation and was captured and killed in 1949. His body is buried in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Location: near Bahu Mall, south end of Jl. Pierre Tendean (Boulevard)
How to get there: by mikrolets: take the one goes to Boulevard
Remarks: currently not well maintained.

Second World War Memorial

There are two versions of story behind the 10 meter (33 feet) high memorial. The first is as a Second World War memorial, which was built in 1940s, to mark the fall of Japanese troops in North Sulawesi, the second version says this was built during VOC (Dutch East Indies) occupation in 19th century.

Location: within Gereja Sentrum parking area (near Pasar 45)
How to get there: walking distance from Pasar 45 "mikrolets terminal"
Remarks: a few other tourism objects nearby.

Worang Battalion Troops Landing Point Monument

This monument of seven soldiers was inaugurated in 10 May 1954, located near Pasar 45, where Dotu Lolong Lasut statue stands.

The battalion was named after a high rank Minahasan officer in Indonesian military in the early stage after Indonesia declared its independence in 1945. The Worang Battalion landed in south of Sulawesi in order to fight against a local-Dutch-backed-up rebellion.

Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi (near Pasar 45)
How to get there: walking distance from Pasar 45 "mikrolets terminal"
Remarks: a few other tourism objects nearby.

Sam Ratulangi Statue

The statue of North Sulawesi first governor, Dr. Sam Ratulangi (1890-1949), a native north Sulawesi, who was an intellectual and a national hero for his dedication to his country against the Netherlands occupation through education. His statue is located near Grandpuri hotel and Manado's main football stadium (Klabat Stadium) and Tondano city.

Location: between south end of Jalan Sam Ratulangi and east end of Jalan Bethesda.

Zero Point

A recently built monument, finished in early 2008, is called "Titik Nol" or Zero Point, as earlier government administrative offices were located around this corner. It is also called zero point because it said that the locals 'measure distances' of places in the city from this point.

Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi (near Pasar 45)
How to get there: walking distance from Pasar 45 "mikrolets terminal".

In Minahasa

The Tuanku Imam Bonjol Mausoleum

Imam Bonjol was an Indonesian hero who was exiled by the Dutch from his motherland in West Sumatera in early 1800s, which happens to be one of the destinations that you will be able to browse here in, Padang. Imam Bonjol, who was born in 1772, had to spend the rest of his life in Manado, accompanied by Apolos, his loyal personal guard, until his death in 1864.

A voluntary donation is required at this mausoleum and an old lady, who is a fourth generation of Apolos and looking after the site, will direct you to fill in the guest book, which is located next to the donation box. An Imam Bonjol mosque is built right across the street.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of the mausoleum.

Location: Lota village - Pineleng sub-district (from Manado to Tomohon direction, approximately 1.5 kilometers (1,640 yards) after Jesus statue on the left hand side of the road)
Operating hours: daily, 6am-6pm
Admission charges: free, though voluntary donation expected
How to get there: take minibus that goes to Tomohon direction from Karombasan terminal in Manado, tell the driver that you want to go to this mausoleum. It's about 1 kilometer walk from the main road. If you rent a car, it takes approximately 15 minutes from Manado's Boulevard.

Toar And Luminuut Statues

Statues of Luminuut and her son, Toar. As what is described in Manado main page, it is believed that Minahasans are the descendants of this couple.

Location: Within Bukit Kasih
Other information: please see Bukit Kasih


Monas Tondano

Derived from National Monument ("Monas") in Jakarta, this Tondano's version of "Monas" was inaugurated by then the North Sulawesi governor, H.V. Worang, on 17 August 1975.

Locals in Tondano also named this 15 meter (49 feet) high monument as "Tugu Proklamasi" (proclamation monument). On its south are the public square and Minahasan regency office, while on its north is locals' shopping area.

Location: Tondano city center
How to get there:
either from Manado, Tomohon or Bitung, you can take minibuses that go to Tondano. How to get to Tondano, please click Transportation on the left links or here.

In Bitung

Japanese Monument

Another Japanese related tourism object apart from their caves is this Japanese Monument in Bitung. A monument in commemoration of the Japanese soldiers who died in Bitung while were based here during World War II was built by the Japanese and the North Sulawesi provincial government in 1987.

Taking place on the plateau of Manembo-nembo, on a main road to Tanjung Merah village, this monument overlooks Bitung harbour.

Once you are there, you might find the entrance gate locked. If it is locked then you have to contact the monument keeper, "Om Udin" ( /ôm oo-deen/ ) at his mobile phone number (+62 813) 40508274 or walk to his house, which is located on a small road across the gate (an old house, more looks like a hut, on the left side of this small road). This friendly senior citizen will accompany you back to the monument and will also help you finding an "ojek" to bring you back to the town center or Tangkoko terminal (about 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles from Bitung town), without being overcharged by the ojek rider.

The area around this monument can be breezy and sometimes the air can also be filled with coconut scent from an oil company in Bitung.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of the monument.

Location: Manembo-nembo village (7kilometers or 4.4 miles from downtown Bitung)
Admission charges: free, though voluntary donation expected
How to get there: take an "ojek" from the head of the village office in Bitung, which is the only available mean of transport and it is better to ask one of the office staff to help you finding an ojek for a safety reason. It should cost you around Rp. 3,000. An ojek from the monument back to town should cost you the same but if you want to be dropped off at Tangkoko terminal then it will cost you Rp. 5,000. How to get to Bitung, please click Transportation on the left links or here.
Remarks: it is suggested for you to report your plan of visiting the monument to the head of the village office (about 100 meters [110 yards] from Bitung main road) to keep you from any unexpected condition, since the area is known to be a little bit dangerous, particularly for single female traveller. The monument itself is currently not in its best conditions and no toilets available.

Bitung's Eiffel Tower

This 12 meter (39 feet) tall tower is also known as "Menara BRI" ( /mé-nâ-râ bé-érr-ee/ ), because a bank (BRI) is located in one of the corners at the intersection around the tower. It is so obvious to visitors entering Bitung town from Manado, Tomohon or Tondano.

The idea of building a tower similar to the Eiffel tower came from a mayor who studied in Paris during his earlier years.

Location: Bitung town center
How to get there: from Girian terminal in Bitung, you may take a blue car or "mikrolet" and tell the driver to get you off at "Menara BRI". If you are the only passenger then you?ll get there in five minutes. It will expand to 15 or 20 minutes if there are any other passengers who ask for the driver?s favor to get them off in some certain places. The fare is Rp. 2,500 per person. How to get to Bitung, please click Transportation on the left links or here.
Remarks: a few other tourism objects nearby.


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