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Local Products

There are a few area in north Sulawesi where you can buy local arts. Remboken village is well known for its pottery products, Woloan village for its traditional houses, Tinoor village for its small woven arts, and many others.

Gecko Artshop & Gallery

Location: on the main road near to Indraloka hotspring swimming pool, Minahasa

Remboken Village

A pottery center near Tondano lake, where visitors can also see locals doing their productions.



Uluindano Village

One option where to buy Minahasan traditional musical instruments, like Kolintang, Bamboo musical instrument, Tetengkoren, Tutuwasan, and so on.

Location: Musica Sacra, Uluindano village, south of Tomohon

Woloan Village

Visitors or potential buyers can see plenty of traditional Minahasan houses for sales. From a small gazebo to a 140-square-meter (1,506 square feet) house, which may cost you around Rp. 175 millions.

They sell and ship their houses not only within Indonesia but also overseas. Usually it takes two months to get your order and will assemble it for you, though all travelling expenses will be borne by buyer.

Tinoor Village

A village between Manado and Tomohon, you will see many shops selling woven baskets, hats, and so on, which are made of bamboo or palm or banana leaves.

These small shops are located closed to restaurants like Tinoor Jaya, HengMien or Pemandangan. See Food, Drinks and Entertainment for details of these Minahasan restaurants.

Shopping Malls

There are four major shopping malls (Bahu, Boulevard, Manado Town Square, Mega Mall) in Manado and they are all situated on the same road, Jalan Pierre Tendean. This slightly less than three-kilometer-long (1.86 miles) street (commonly named as as "Boulevard" by the locals) streches along Manado bay.

ATMs and various restaurants are easily available along this boulevard and within these shopping malls.

Apart from shopping malls, there are lots of smaller shopping centers and supermarkets thought out Manado and Minahasa.








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