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Water Activities

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This is the main attraction of Manado and north Sulawesi and well known to divers around the world. Bunaken can be reached within approximately 30 minutes from many spots in Manado. Please click Transportations on the left for details on how to get there.

There is a favorite site for many divers, called Likuan II, where they can see more kinds of reef fish. Non-divers may also enjoy seeing much of the best coral under the surface by snorkeling or through a glass-bottom boat.

More detailed information on Bunaken is available here at:, click "Profile" on left column and English version is always written after (below) Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) version. Otherwise you can visit their office at:

Balai Taman Nasional Bunaken
Jl. Raya Molas, Manado
Tel/Fax: (+62 431) 859022


Danau Linow

Danau ( /dhâ-nâo/ ) or lake Linow is also known as three-colour lake because often it changes colour from deep blue to turquoise, green and yellowish green. This is because of its sulfur level.

This is a quiet and peaceful place though strong sulfuric smell is common in every morning around the lake and the village. People also come to this area for its hot spring too.

Location: Jl. Raya Lahendong, Lanhendong village (Sonder-Tomohon)
Operating hours: 24 hours (access from public road) and 9am-5pm (access from a "resort" next to the lake)
Admission charges: Rp. 20,000 (for resort access, inclusive coffee and snacks)
abandoned toilets and a poorly maintained gazebo (public access) and within the resort: cafeteria, toilets and jogging track
How to get there:
by public transportation: from Tomohon terminal take mikrolet that goes to Lahendong village (fare: Rp. 5,000), tell the driver that you want to get off at Linow street (near a church called "Damai Sejahtera Lahendong"), followed by walking on Linow street which is in bad condition; from Manado's Karombasan terminal take a bus that goes to Tomohon terminal (fare: Rp. 6,000)
Remarks: swimming in the lake is prohibited because of its high sulfur level.

Sumaru Endo - Danau (Lake) Tondano

This lakeside resort is located on western side of Lake Tondano, has a hot spring swimming pool and other water activities. Reservation for using its accommodation during holiday season is recommended.

Location: Danau Tondano, Leleko, Kecamatan Remboken
Telephone: (+62 431) 3126300
Reservation (24 hrs): (+62 813) 40586470
Fax: (+62 431) 3126300
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours: 24 hours
Admission charges: Rp. 4,000 per person, Rp 5,000 parking fee per car for the whole day
shop, toilets, restaurant, and accommodations
How to get there:
how to get to Tondano, please click Transportation on the left links or here; best option: own transportation (car rental) because of limited public transport
Remarks: traditional music and art performances every weekend and holiday (you need to call them for confirmation of the performances).

Lembeh Strait

You may see the common activities at the harbor like in any other harbor. Once your eyes catch a look on a small island just at the opposite of the harbor that is the island you may find in your map: Lembeh island. This island is the right place for any divers both seasonal and regular, whose interest in diving is not only to find the underwater beauty but also to find some unique water creatures which rarely to be found elsewhere.

Location: near Bitung, east of Manado
How to get there:
to get to this island, go to a part of the harbor area which is known as ?ruko? ( /roo-kho/ ) and you may pay something about Rp. 10.000 to go across the island by a small boat or canoe. It takes just 15 minutes. Take a less than 20-minute-walk to Bitung harbor which is located not far from Bitung's "Eiffel Tower". Another option is take a microlet that will drive you to the entrance gate of the harbor with the same cost, Rp. 2.500. How to get to Bitung, please click Transportation on the left links or here.

Kali Waterfalls

Located about 10 kilometers southeast from Manado,this waterfall is also known to locals as "Tapahan Telu" or three waterfalls. The highest waterfall stands at 60 meters (197 feet) and the shortest at 20 meters (65 feet).

Operating hours: daily
Admission charges: general admission of Rp. 2,700 per person.
toilets (in poor condition), resting areas
How to get there:
by public transport: take mikrolet from Karombasan terminal to Kali village in Pineleng district (fare: Rp. 3,200) and get out at the front of the entrance gate.



Artificial Reefs and Coral Transplantation: Fish Community Responses and Effects on Coral Recruitment in North Sulawesi, Indonesia




























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