As of today there are limited places to watch traditional performances of east Kalimantan, even though the Dayak ethnic has a few interesting traditional dances and music. Performances are usually performed in public during special occasions, such as the Indonesia’s Independence Day or other yearly city celebrations. Some of these arts are described below.

Traditional Dances (“Tari”)

Tari Burung Enggang

This Dayak’s traditional dance is performed by girls following the “Kecapi” musical instrument (a chordophone or an instrument based on string). The dance itself tells a story of the Dayak's great-grandparents, who are going down to the earth from the sky in forms like the Enggang bird (east Kalimantan bird).

Watch “Tari Burung Enggang”:

Tari Gantar Pahlawan

A dance that is usually performed by girls to welcome the warriors after returning from a victory. The girls’ faces are covered by flour (a local believe to avoid “the danger").

Watch “Tari Gantar Pahlawan”:

Tari Hudoq

It's a sacred dance that is performed only if the village is “attacked” by a disease or insects. This “tari” would be performed by men or women, who wear animal masks, such as pigs or dogs. These masks are usually made of “Malau” or wood's sap. The dancers’ bodies are covered by banana leaves. The movements of the dance follow the “tifa” or “gendang” instruments' beats.

Watch “Tari Hudoq”:

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