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There are many things to do in Bandung, for example visiting or even learning local performing arts, such as traditional music: Angklung and Gamelan or traditional dances, such as Jaipongan and Tari Klasik. Other activities include watching traditional puppet shows, Wayang Golek. However, the most common popular cultural performance for tourists here in Bandung is Angklung shows.


AngklungAngklung is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo tubes, played by shaking the tubes, originated from Indonesia or West Java (Bandung) to be pricise. Angklung was originally created and played by the Sundanese in West Java before spreading all around Indonesia and then other countries, just like many other Indonesian traditional arts. In the early 1800’s Sir Stamford Raffles, while in Java before he later became the Governor General of Bengkulu (Bencoolen) in Lampung (Sumatera Island), once said he has never heard the angklung without pleasure.

Some time ago there were arguments between Indonesia and its neighboring countries on some Indonesian traditional arts issues (angklung was one of them). The neighboring countries claimed angklung (and other arts) as theirs, or referred to them as part of "South East Asian traditional cultures". This is somehow interesting, because even though a traditional dance of Chinese "lion dance" is also commonly performed in these countries (eg. Malaysia and Singapore), they never claim that the lion dance belongs to them. This is different on how they acknowledge the Indonesian originated traditional arts.

Watch angklung performance on the video below (from

Listed below are places where you can see live angklung performances, as well as learn to play them.

Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo was established in 1996 by Udjo Ngalagena and his wife Uum Sumiati. The buildings are built based on the traditional Sundanese setting, with bamboo huts and bamboo-decorated interiors, as well as plenty of bamboo trees around the main building. Apart from its angklung performances, Saung Angklung Mang Udjo has also bamboo handicraft centre and bamboo instrument workshop. It costs Rp. 45,000 per person to join the workshop.

Saung Angklung Udjo Bandung Saung Angklung Udjo Saung Angklung Udjo
Saung Angklung Udjo Saung Angklung Udjo Saung Angklung Udjo

Click the picture above for bigger photos of Saung Angklung Udjo.

Visitors can see daily art and culture performances, such as Afternoon Bamboo Show held in the “Aula” from 3:30pm till 5:30pm. Saung Angklung Udjo has extended its facilities by building an accommodations (a seven room guesthouse). Room rates start from Rp. 250,000.

Location : Jl. Padasuka No. 118 (Padasuka suburb)
Telephone : +62 22 7271714, 7101736
Fax : +62 22 7201587
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Operating hours : daily, 9am-6pm
Admission charges : Bamboo show: Monday-Friday, local Rp. 60,000 and foreigners Rp. 100,000; Saturday afternoon, local Rp. 70,000 and foreigners Rp. 110,000; cultural visit: Rp. 20,000; and parking free for a car
Facilities : accommodation, souvenirs shop, toilets, English language availability, cafeteria, WiFi
Nearby facilities : mini markets, pharmacies, internet cafés
How to get there : By taxi from the city center (approximately Rp. 50,000)
From the city by angkot: take the "Cicaheum" terminal direction, tell the driver you want to go to Saung Udjo (/sâ-oonk oo-joe/), where he should stop approx. 200 meters (0.12 miles) before the terminal to drop you off. From there you can either walk or take an ojeg (fare: Rp. 3,000)
Remarks : cash, credit and debit cards payments are avalaible. The bamboo show schedule: Monday-Saturday at 10am-11:30am, 1pm-2:30pm, 3:30pm-5:30pm, and 6:30pm-8pm. Saung Angklung Udjo has English speaking MC (Master of Ceremony) only in the afternoon show. A group visit with a minimum 50 guests should be make an appointment at least 1 month till 2 weeks in advance.

Keluarga Bumi Siliwangi Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (KABUMI UPI) Bandung

Keluarga Bumi Siliwangi Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (KABUMI UPI) BandungKABUMI UPI is a student activity unit in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which focuses on Sundanese traditional arts, especially angklung, traditional dance, gamelan, as well as a music choir. It was founded on 1 October 1985 by the then rector of UPI, Mr. Muhammad Nu'man Somantri for the purpose of sending students as part of the cultural exchange program in the Indonesian Embassy in Germany. Finally, it officially became a unit of student activity in 2009.

KABUMI UPI is renowned for its angklung orchestra and angklung arumba (combination of angklung and xylophone, and usually played by 7-8 musicians). Sometimes they make a collaboration show with traditional dancers and gamelan, as well as classical or popular music performances.

Location : Jalan Jaya Perkasa 17 - where Villa Isola is also located (within UPI/Indonesia University of Education area)
Telephone : +62 22 2006295
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Operating hours : daily, 1pm-5pm
Admission charges : free
Nearby facilities : ATMs, pharmacy, restaurants, hotels, internet cafes
Nearby attractions : Villa Isola
How to get there : by angkot: from Jalan Merdeka, take the “Ledeng” terminal direction and tell the driver you want to stop at “Isola or UPI” ( /oo-pee/). Villa Isolla can be obviously seen from the road. It costs Rp. 3,000 for a 25-minute journey
Remarks : you must contact the KABUMI UPI in advance to watch live performances and a chance to learn angklung, about 2 months in advance for music show invitation.

Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMA 3 Bandung (KPA 3)

The angklung music is performed by around 30 high school students from SMA 3 Bandung. In this place people have been exercising and performing the angklung music since 1980. It has a collection of about 600 to 700 angklung and performs an annual concert every year (traditional and contemporary songs).

KPA 3 was awarded “Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival” in Vienna, Austria, on 4 July 2010, for their angklung music performance. They played Symphony No.1 by Robert Schumann, Palladion Mov I Allegretto by Karl Jenkins, a Welsh musician and composer and “Badai Pasti Berlalu” by Eros Djarot, an Indonesian musician and actor.

Location : Jl. Belitung No. 8
Telephone : +62 22 4235154
Admission charges : free. However group visitors of (maximum) 40-50 guests have to pay admission fee of Rp. 15,000/person (snacks included)
Nearby attractions : Bank Indonesia, Bethel church, Cathedral, Sister City Monument
Nearby facilities : Riau Junction, Warung/eating house
How to get there : By angkot: from Jl. RE Martadinata (formerly Jl. Riau) take angkot “Dipati Ukur-Panghegar” line that goes in Kosambi and get off in front of SMA 3 Bandung (fare: Rp. 2,000 for 10-minute trip)
Either walk from Jalan Merdeka or take a becak (at a cost of Rp. 5,000)
Remarks : you need to call them for their angklung show schedules, though usually they practice from 2pm-5pm (after school) on Wednesday and at 1pm on Saturday. You can call the head of KPA 3 (Mrs. Mirna) on +62 85759152944 or SMA 3 Bandung Public Relations (Mrs. Wiwin) on +62 81320442574 at least a day before to confirm their training/practice schedules.

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