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Food and Drinks in Bandung

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Main Dishes

A few well known Sundanese dishes that locals usually eat include: Lalapan (fresh/raw vegetables served with Sambal), Sambal (chili sauce - can be very spicy/hot), Soto Bandung (a local version of Indonesian soup), Karedok (raw vegetable salad served with peanut sauce), deep fried chicken (ayam goreng) or duck, charcoal grilled or deep fried fish or chicken cooked with various local spices, Mie Kocok ("shaken noodle" - noodle mixed with boiled egg, beef shank/beef skin/beef tendon, bean sprouts, lime juice, etc), Nasi Timbel (a package of deep fried chicken, Lalapan, fried Tahu (tofu), fried Tempe (fermented soybeans wrapped in banana leaves), salted fish and rice, Lotek (like Karedok but vegetables are boiled and served with a peanut sauce with lesser galangal [sand ginger] and, if you like, chili, to name just a few. Whatever the main course is, Sundanese people usually eat it with plain steamed rice (nasi putih).

Click the picture on the right for a bigger photo of Mie Kocok Bandung.

As a major city in Indonesia, Bandung also provides a range of other Indonesian food (such as nasi goreng, satay and so on), Asian food, and Western food. Local restaurants offer a few settings, such as an indoor and/or outdoor setting (taking the advantage of Bandung's comfortable climate), modern or traditional setting ("Lesehan" - sitting on rattan mats on the floor). There are also many international chain companies available, such as A&W, Coca Thai food, Coffee Beans, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, and so on.


Siomay (a steamed light bite made from fish and served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, lime, and if you like, chili sauce), Bakso Tahu goreng (BaTaGor - fried meat ball mixed with tofu, served with peanut sauce - as Siomay), Combro (a typical West Javanese lite bite made from cassava mixed with coconut and other ingredients and stuffed with tempe, chili, etc). Surabi (a local style of pancake), just to name a few.


Typical local drinks are Avocado juice (usually they blend avocados with milk and sometimes they add chocolate syrup/sauce), Es Cendol (green jelly served with coconut milk, liquid palm sugar and ice cubes or shaved ice), fresh milk and Sekoteng (hot/cold sweet ginger drink with sugar cane). Bandrek is another typical Sundanese drink made of crushed ginger, palm sugar, lemon grass, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and so forth. Because of its hot-spicy taste, usually people drink Bandrek during the night and early morning when the temperature is cooler.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Bandrek Bandung.

Alcoholic drinks are only available in bars and clubs, hotels, many up-market restaurants and cafes, and some stores.

Warung and Rumah Makan

Warung and Rumah MakanApart from great local restaurants, you will also find many small local-style street side "restaurants" (food stalls), called Warung or Rumah Makan/RM (direct translation: eating house). These are places where you will find real prices for food in Bandung and Indonesia. They are very affordable to most Indonesians.

The difference between warung and rumah makan is that a warung is never (or rarely) built on a permanent place, whereas rumah makan is built on a permanent basis. However, warung/RM cleanliness or hygiene really varies. Unless you are used to these kinds of environments, you should carefully judge a place’s cleanliness before eating there.

Local/Sundanese Dishes

Please take notes that sometime pictures make food look delicious but you might not like it, or the other way around...

Lalapan & sambal Karedok
Tahu (left) and one tempe (right) Nasi timbel
Ayam goreng - Bandung style Grilled corn - Indonesian style
Es Cendol
Combro Ayam goreng - Padang restaurant style
Batagor Surabi
Emping "melinjo" ("paddy oats" crackers) Grilled banana with chocolate and cheese

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