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Arena Wisata Andong and Horse Riding

There are two attractions around Taman Sari Zoo entrance and ITB, where visitors, mostly children, can experience horse riding or travelling on a Delman (a horse-drawn cart) around the area. This attraction has actually been existed since 1950’s and Taman Sari Zoo entrance has become the first public horse riding area in Bandung. According to an article published by Pikiran Rakyat on 2 May 2013, a local newspaper in Bandung, the current Indonesia Trade Minister Mr. Gita Wirjawan's first horse ride was done here when he was 6 years old! The horses at this arena wisata are brought in from Bandung’s neighbouring areas, such as Lembang, Soreng, Cisitu, and other places.

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Location : in front of ITB’s main gate area, Taman Sari Zoo entrance
Operating hours : daily, 8am-5.30pm
Charges : around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000 per one horse riding trip and around Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 30,000 per one delman trip. The trip starts from Jl. Patimura – Jl. Gelap Nyawang – Jl. Ganesha (approx. 1.3 km or 0.6 miles). For a longer distance trip, such as to Cihampelas or Dago Pakar, it costs around Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 200,000/hour (horse riding) and Rp. 150,000/hour for a delman trip
Nearby attractions : ITB, Taman Sari zoo, Balubur shopping center
Nearby facilities : hospital, restaurants, factory outlets, ATMs, mini markets
How to get there : from Jalan Merdeka take an angkot heading to Dago and stop in front of Borromeus hospital (fare: Rp. 2,000 and takes only about 7 minutes). Continued by a short walking distance to the ITB main gate (approx. in 5 minutes)
Remarks : maximum capacity of a delman is 5 persons. You might be surprised by a bunch of horse-jockeys (3 to 5 persons), coming to you offering their services.

Cihampelas Point

Cihampelas Point or previously known as Parisj van Java factory outlet offers visitors a three-in-one shopping concept, a factory outlet, food court, and a "mini zoo". Cihampelas Point or Cipo's factory outlet sells local clothes and imported clothes, such as from China. Its food court has local dishes on the menu. The mini zoo has a few kinds of animals, such as owls, monkeys, snakes, fish, and so on.

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Location : Jl. Cihampelas No. 184 - click here for location map
Telephone : +62 22 2031652
Fax : +62 22 2033443
Email : [email protected]
Operating hours : Sunday-Friday, 9am-9pm, Saturday, 9am-10pm
Admission charges : Rp. 10,000/person. Free for children under 5 years old. The ticket counter is located next to the entrance door of factory outlets
Facilities : toilets, food area
Nearby facilities : hospital, hotels, minimarkets, money changer
Nearby attraction : a few shops along Jalan Cihampelas, Cihampelas Walk
How to get there : by angkot: either "Cicaheum-Ciroyom" or "Kalapa-Ledeng" will take you here. Make sure the angkot goes to Cihampelas Point direction, not the opposite way. From Taman Sari Zoo, take an angkot that goes to Ledeng and take off at Jalan Siliwangi (fare: Rp. 1,000 for a 5 minute journey). From there, take an angkot that goes to Ciroyom and take off right in front of Cihampelas Point (fare: Rp. 2,000 for a 10-minute journey)
Remarks : credit card and debit card payments available. Jalan Cihampelas will usually be crowded everyday.

Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah is a big outdoor theme park, which occupies an area of 62 hectares in north Bandung. It has 25 attractions that are divided into 2 zones, Wonderland and Wonderboom. Kampung Gajah offers a wide variety of attractions, such as bungee trampoline, skyrider, bumper boat, buggy offroad, as well as tubby slide, which is said to be the first and the only one in Asia and its seagway is the first in Indonesia. The longest flying fox in Indonesia, which stretches up to 500 meters is also available in here.

Apart from its attractions, you and family can also do a culinary tour in Kampung Gajah’s restaurants and cafes, which offers a various kinds of food, such as Western food, Indonesian, Sundanese, Chinese, and Japanese food.

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Location : Jl. Sersan Bajuri KM. 3,8 - click here for location map
Telephone : +62 22 2784646, 88884011
Fax : +62 22 2784646
Website :
Operating hours : entertainment area: weekdays, 9am-6pm, weekend 8am-6pm. Dining area: (restaurant/café): daily, 10am-10pm
Admission charges : Rp.10,000/person (weekdays), Rp. 20,000/person (weekend). VIP tickets: Rp. 150,000/person (weekdays) and Rp. 200,000/person (weekend). Vehicle charges: Rp.10,000/car, Rp. 5,000/motorbike, Rp. 20,000/bus
Facilities : toilets, ATM, medical unit, factory outlets, pet shop, souvenir shops, hot air balloon, praying rooms for moslems, and so on
Nearby attractions : warung, Maja House Restaurant, Balcony, Fame Station
How to get there : By angkot: from Jalan Merdeka take one that goes to Terminal Ledeng (fare: Rp. 3,000 for about 25 minutes trip) and then take a short walk to Jalan Sersan Bajuri (near Terminal Ledeng). From there, take another angkot to Parongpong direction (fare: Rp. 3,000 for about 10 minutes). Since it rare to see angkot that goes to Parongpong, the driver usually awaits till it gets full before leaving
By ojek: from Jalan Sersan Bajuri (near Ledeng Terminal), take ojek to Kampung Gajah (fare: Rp. 10,000 for about 8 minutes of journey)
Remarks : payment by credit card and debit are accepted. Open all year around. Price for picking the strawberries: Rp. 60,000/kilogram. Visitors are not allowed to eat the strawberries while picking. For more information please contact: Mr. Iyus at +62 85720532155 or Mr. Ferdy +62 81220109955.

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Butterfly Garden / Taman Kupu Kupu

Taman Kupu-kupu or Butterfly Garden is a new place of interest in Bandung with a collection of butterflies to entertain visitors. Currently is has more than 200 butterflies of approximately 15-20 species. During holiday seasons, Taman Kupu-kupu will increase the number of butterflies to 300-400. Apart from that, they also collect beetles and grasshoppers and has a hut where visitors can see the process of caterpillars turn into butterflies.

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Their collections came from many regions in Indonesia, such as Sulawesi (Celebes), Maluku (Moluccas) and Papua. For instance, you can see a beautiful yellow-green butterfly, which was brought from Biak, Papua. In the past, they also had butterflies from foreign countries but it was hard to reproduce, due to the differences of climate and tree species.

Location : Jl. Raya Cihanjuang No. 58, KM 3,3, Cibaligo village (about 10 kilometers/6 miles from Bandung train station or about 5 kilometers/3 miles from Pasteur Highway/Jalan Tol Pasteur)
Telephone : +62 22 70000018, 60822222
Email : [email protected]
Operating hours : weekdays 9am-5pm; weekend, 8am-6pm
Admission charges : Rp. 20,000 per person
Facilities : gift shop, toilet, restaurant, function hall, children playground at a cost of Rp. 10,000/person, hats (can be borrowed for free)
How to get there : It is advisable to go by your own transportation
By public transport, the best and the easiest way is by taxi (costs about Rp. 60,000 one way, approximately 50 minutes from Bandung train station in “normal traffic” conditions). You need to ask your taxi to wait for you
If you have plenty of time or consider to save some money, it is still possible to take an angkot: from Jl. Juanda take the “Kalapa-Ledeng” angkot and get off at Ledeng station (fare: Rp. 3,000). From Ledeng take another angkot that goes to Parongpong station (fare: Rp. 3,000). From Parongpong take an angkot to Cimahi (the purple colour, fare: Rp. 3,000) then get off at the garden’s main gate. From Jalan Merdeka, you can take an angkot that goes to Ledeng and get off at Jalan Gegerkalong Hilir (fare: Rp 3,000 for a 30-minute journey). From there, take the one that goes to Cimahi (you need to be patient since it doesn’t depart until the angkot becomes full) and get off in Cibaligo (fare: Rp. 2,500 for a 20-minute trip), then cross over the road and take an angkot that goes to Parongpong and get off right in front of it’s main gate (fare: Rp. 1,000 and takes only 3 minutes)
Remarks : credit card payment available. You will be given a round pin after payment. You may need mosquito repellent too. Bringing food and drinks from the outside not allowed. English or other foreign language speaking guides not avalaible. A group visits with a minimum of 30 guests needs to make an advance appointment with them.

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is the one of the lastest tourist destinations in Bandung and it is currently believed to be the biggest indoor theme park in the world. This second Trans Studio was opened in Bandung on 18 June 2011. The first theme park is located in Makassar (south of Tana Toraja), south Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Trans Studio Bandung, which has a size of more than 4 hectares, offers around 20 kinds of attractions located in its 3 different sections: Studio Central, Lost City, and Magic Corner. One of its attractions is “launch coaster”, which is only available 3 in the world, 2 in USA and 1 in Trans Studio Bandung, as of its opening day.

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Location : Jl. Gatot Subroto 289 (Trans Studio Mall complex)
Telephone : +62 22 91099999
Fax : +62 22 91099998
Website :
Facilities : ATM, cafes, hotel, restaurants, shopping mall, souvenir shops
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 10am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday/public holidays, 9am-10pm
Admission charges : Monday-Friday Rp. 150,000/person, Saturday-Sunday Rp. 200,000/person. (VIPs add Rp. 200,000 per ticket)
How to get there : From Hotel Baltika, take an angkot that goes to Cicadas and get off right in front of Trans Studio Mall (fare: Rp. 2,000 in 10 minutes of journey)
From Jl. Merdeka, take an angkot that goes to Margahayu and get off at Jl. Ibrahim Adjie and Jl. Gatot Subroto (Binong) junction (fare: Rp. 3,000 in a 20-minute of journey). From there, take an angkot that goes to Kalapa and get off in front of Trans Studio Mall (Rp. 2,000 in 5 minutes of journey)
Remarks : credit card payment available (2% additional fee of minimum total payment Rp. 600,000). Daily parade starts at 5pm.

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