Lawangwangi Bistro Café

Lawangwangi Bistro Café is a restaurant that is located within the ArtSociates Lawangwangi area, a big gallery that is situated in a highland of Bandung. The restaurant serves Indonesian dishes like "Nasi Goreng Cingur" and Western dishes like "Chicken Lawangwangi" (grilled chicken steak that is served with mushroom, cheese, and french fries). As for dessert and drinks, they recommend "Morgan Green", a mix of banana, ice cream and "colenak sauce" (a local recipe) and "Lawangwangi Blue Punch", a mix of strawberry and blackberry syrups and soda with basil seeds and fresh strawberry, blackberry, and cherry.

On the roof top of the restaurant, there is a wooden balcony, where guests can see a beautiful city lights of Bandung at night. Declared as "The New Romantic Place", Lawangwangi Bistro Café is a good choice for you who want to have a romantic and memorable dinner with your special one.

Location : Jl. Dago Giri 99, Warung Caringin, Mekarwangi
Telephone : +62 22 2504065
Fax : +62 22 2504105
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Price range :
Operating hours : Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-10pm. Friday, 10am-11pm. Saturday, 11am-12am. Closed on Monday
Facilities : toilets, Wi-Fi, parking area, 2 private rooms (accommodate up to 5 persons in each room), 1 private room that can accommodate up to 10 persons
How to get there : from Dago terminal, you can take "ojek" to ArtSociates Lawangwangi (fare: Rp. 10,000 for about 10-minute journey). The restaurant is located within the ArtSociates Lawangwangi gallery
Remarks : credit card payment is accepted. Alcoholic beverages available. The restaurant can also be used for events like gathering (for more than 50 persons, it is suggested to make a prior reservation one month in advance) and wedding party with a maximum of 200 guests. Valet parking is available for the events. Lawangwangi Bistro Café has special offers for dining out on New Year’s Eve: Rp. 250,000/person, Rp. 475,000/couple, and Rp. 900,000/4 persons. If you are interested, please call the restaurant before 26 December 2012. Click here to get discount at Lawangwangi Bistro Café from JTG Card.