Mbah Jingkrak

Mbak Jingkrak serves Indonesian cuisine. This restaurant has a unique name of menus, such as "Pitik Rambut Setan" ("chicken with devil's hair" – fried chicken mixed with spices and spicy green chili-like hair), very spicy Ayam Wewe, and Teri Buto Ijo. They also serve Indonesian herbs drink, such as "kunir asem" (a drink made from tamarind and turmeric), "beras kencur" (galangal rice), and many more.

In this restaurant, guests are to pick their choice of food from the shelves by themselves (buffet-style) and will then be cooked by the chef, as guests’ preference: grilled, fried, or else. The name of "Mbak Jingkrak" itself was picked to describe how their hot and spicy dishes will make their guests "jumping up and down" (one of a few ways of Indonesians' expression after eating hot and spicy food. Jingkrak literary means jumping up and down in Bahasa Indonesia).

Location : Jl. Aceh No. 64
Telephone : +62 22 4261676
Email : [email protected]
Price range :
Opening hours : daily, 10am-10pm
Facilities : musholla (a praying room for Muslims), Wi-Fi, toilets, parking area, lesehan area (sitting on rattan mats on the floor)
Nearby facilities : ATMs, sport center, Indonesian Red Cross office
Nearby attractions : Maluku Park, Statue of Pasteur H. C. Verbraak
How to get there : from Pasar Baru, take angkot that goes to Sadang Serang or Cicaheum (fare: Rp. 3,000 in 20 minutes of journey) and get off in front of the restaurant
Remarks : credit card payment is available. Click here to get discount at Mbah Jingkrak from JTG Card.