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Rumah Makan Ma' Uneh

The story of this famous Sundanese food "small restaurant" (Rumah Makan) started from a well-hidden place in Jalan Pajajaran/Terasana No. 132. It is located at approximately 75 meters from the main road. They have been in the business for more than 20 years.

Location : Jl. Pajajaran/Terasana No. 132
Telephone : +62 22 4202568, 70049886
Opening hours : daily, 7am-4pm, closed on Friday
Price range :
How to get there : take an angkot in the “Sukajadi-Kebon Kalapa” direction, then get off at Melinda hospital. There is a narrow street (very narrow) just next to the hospital. You can either follow arrows painted on that pathway or ask local people for help
Remarks : it can be crowded during office lunch break.

Batagor Hanimun

Batagor Hanimun has been operated since 2007.

Location : Jl. Cihampelas No. 198
Telephone : +62 22 70210575
Opening hours : daily, 10am-9pm
Price range :
How to get there : take the "Kalapa-Ledeng" angkot, get off in front of "Cipaganti shuttle bus terminal" then continue walking for about 100 meters
Remarks : delivery service within Bandung for a minimum order of 50 pieces.

Batagor Kingsley

Batagor Kingsley is one of the well known eating places for Batagor in Bandung or also known as bakso tahu goreng (fried meat balls mixed with tofu, served with peanut sauce – like Siomay). Batagor Kingsley has been around since late 1980s. Inspite of Batagor, they also serve nasi goreng (fried rice), mie kocok (noodle and bean sprouts with thick broth), and traditional beverages, such as es sekoteng, es campur, es kelapa, and so on.

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Location : Jl. Veteran No. 25
Telephone : +62 22 4207104
Opening hours : daily, 8am-8pm, closed on Thursday
Price range :
Facilities : toilet
Nearby facilities : ATM, hotel, hospital, mosque
Nearby attractions : Military Museum Mandala Wangsit, Statue of Football Player
How to get there : Walking distance from Jalan Asia Afrika
By taxi from Jalan Merdeka (costs around Rp. 20,000-Rp. 25,000)
By angkot: from Jalan Merdeka take an angkot that goes to Kalapa Terminal get off at Veteran intersection (fare: Rp. 2,000 in only 5 minutes of journey), then continue on foot for about 20 meters
Remarks : cash payment only. Quite a clean stall and can be crowded during weekends and public holidays. They also sell snacks.

Batagor Riri

Another well known eating place of Batagor, Batagor Riri started its business in 1985, and claims that many famous Indonesian people have visited its stalls. It has delivery services too.

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Location : Jl. Burangrang No. 41 and Jl. Pasirkaliki
Telephone : +62 22 7303349
Opening hours : daily, 8:30am-7pm
Price range :
How to get there : near Bandung main train station
Remarks : debit card payment accepted (only for those who have BNI card).

Bubur Ayam Mang Oyo

A famed warung that specializes in chicken porridge. Bubur Ayam Mang Oyo has now many branches throughout Bandung and Jogjakarta.

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Location : Jl. Sulanjana No. 30
Telephone : +62 816616969
Opening hours : daily, 6am-6pm
Price range :
Facilities : toilets
Nearby facilities : ATMs, pharmacy, shopping centers, Karika Sari, restaurant and cafes
Nearby attractions : Arena Wisata Andong and Horse Riding
How to get there : From Jl. Merdeka take an angkot in the "Kalapa-Dago" direction, get off at Kimia Farma (fare: Rp. 2,000 and it takes only about 5 minutes), then walk to the left for about 50 meters until you see this warung Mang Oyo
From Museum Geologi, take an angkot that goes to Ledeng and get off right in front of Bubur Ayam Mang Oyo (fare: Rp. 2,000, 5 minute journey)
Remarks : it can be very busy during early morning and early evening. On Sunday, they might be sold out at around 8am.

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Lontong Kari Kebon Karet

Lontong Kari Kebon Karet is one of the oldest warungs in Bandung, operated since 1966. Its specialties: Lontong Kari & Es Campur.

Click the picture on the right for more and bigger photos of Lontong Kari Kebon Karet Restaurant.

Location : Jl. Otista
Telephone : +62 813 94929358
Opening hours : daily, 7am-8pm
How to get there : from Alun-alun take an angkot that goes in the "Kebon Kalapa-Pasar Sederhana" direction, get off at Danamon Bank in Jalan Otista. Cross the street and you will see a small signboard at the entrance of a small pathway
Remarks : on weekend, this warung is packed by mostly visitors from Jakarta.

Lotek Kalipah Apo

Lotek Kalipah Apo has been known doing the business for many many years.

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Location : Jl. Kalipah Apo No. 42
Telephone : +62 22 4205983
Opening hours : Wednesday-Monday, 9am-4pm. Closed on Tuesday
How to get there : either walking or take a becak from Jalan Merdeka (fare: Rp. 10,000)
Price range :

Mie Kocok SKM

Mie Kocok SKM is one of the oldest stalls in town, which started its business back in the 1970’s. The owner once said he sells around 500 plates a day.

Click the picture on the right for bigger photos of Mie Kocok SKM Restaurant.

Location : Jl. Sunda No. 38
Telephone : +62 22 4201582
Opening hours : daily, 9am-10pm
Price range :
How to get there : walk from Jalan Asia Afrika to the east direction for about 200 meters.

Sate Kardjan

One of the oldest satay stalls with speciality of lamb satay. Sate Kardjan is located near Bandung train station. This satay street stall has three kinds of satay: chicken, goat and minced lamb meat. The taste of Kardjan satay is relatively unique and delicious.

Location : Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 32
Opening hours : daily, 11am-11pm
Price range :
How to get there : from Jalan Merdeka: go down to "Dago fly over junction" and take “Caringin- Dago” angkot ('orange with white stripe' minivan) towards Bandung train station. Stop in front of Hotel Cemerlang, walk to the left and you can see the Sate Kardjan street stall by the river (fare: Rp. 3,000) from Jalan Asia Afrika: the best advice is to take a taxi to Sate Kardjan. Expect to pay around Rp. 30,000
Remarks : two kinds of satay sauces are available, sweet soy sauce and peanut sauce. It also serves lamb fried rice and "Tongseng" (an Indonesian lamb dishes cooked in a coconut milk). Cash payment only.

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