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Air Transportation

Bandara Depati Amir

Bandara Depati AmirThe only airport in Bangka Island is called Depati Amir Airport. It serves domestic flights only and is located within the city of Pangkalpinang. As you enter the airport, you will see a guide information machine provided by the local tourism department. You can get listings of hotels, restaurants, places of interest and other facilities of the island. Please click any pictures for more and bigger photos of the airport.

Click the picture on the left for more and bigger photos of Bandara Depati Amir.

A passenger service charge of Rp. 25,000 (airport tax) will be charged at the airport for passengers travelling on domestic flights. By airplane, the journey takes about 1 hour from Jakarta, about 3 hours from Bali via Jakarta, or about 20 minutes from Palembang.

Domestic Flights

Jakarta Batavia Air
Garuda Indonesia
Sriwijaya Air
Lion Air
Palembang Sriwijaya Air Daily

Getting Out Of The Airport

Keluar dari BandaraAfter arriving at Depati Amir Airport, there are a few options for passengers to reach Pangkalpinang city center, either by taxis or angkot. The easiest and most comfortable way is, of course, by taxi, which is located near of the arrival hall door –you will find a line of taxis waiting for passengers there. When we started to cover the island, there was only one taxi company operating in Pangkalpinang city: PAS Taxi (call center: +62 717 424350). In late 2015, the wellknown and respectable Blue Bird taxi (metered taxi) started its operations in the island (reservation no: +62 727 434123). The standard fare from Bandara (airport) Depati Amir to Pangkalpinang downtown is around Rp. 60,000.

Each taxi has a price list available for passengers’ reference (for non metered taxi), it is often seen in the car seat. Click any picture for more and bigger photos.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Taxi.

Here is approximate taxi’s price list in Bangka Island (check with the driver or the taxi counter for the last minute approximate fares):

Within Pangkalpinang: Rp. 40,000
Pasir Padi/Sanfur: Rp. 90,000
Sungailiat: Rp. 170,000
Tanjung Pesona/ Parai: Rp. 190,000 / Rp. 220,000
Pemali: Rp. 220,000
Belinyu: Rp. 370,000
Mentok: Rp. 470,000
Toboali: Rp. 470,000

By angkot: walk out of the arrival hall and take a yellow angkot to the city center. It costs around Rp. 4,000 for adistance of about 3 kilometers, from airport to city center or Ramayana market.

However, if you prefer to go to outside of Pangkalpinang city, like Mentok for its historical beauty of Tanjung Kalian Beach or other interesting places there, there is Damri minibuses at Depati Amir Airport. Firstly, you have to make a reservation at Damri counter. You will see the counter as you enter the arrival lounge at the airport. Fare is different based on the final destination. See below the price list (for your initial reference only, check witht the staff for the last minute fares).

Depati Amir Airport – Mentok: Rp. 65,000
Depati Amir Airport – Jebus: Rp. 60,000
Depati Amir Airport – Belinyu: Rp. 60,000

There is also another minibus, such as Karya Mandiri that goes to Mentok, Toboali and Jebus from the airport. The counter is also located in the arrival lounge at the airport.

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