Food and Drinks in Bangka Island

Main Dishes

Most of the traditional food of Bangka Island is influenced by the sea and nearby places. There are several ways of preparing and cooking Bangka dishes. Some famous traditional dishes among the locals are described below and they are easily found in the island.

Lempah kuning (locally known as Gangan Ketarap) is a mixture of spices (such as red chilies, turmeric, shallots, garlic) and dried shrimp paste with pineapple and mackerel fish. This is one of the main traditional food of Pangkalpinang and it is virtually available in most restaurants in Pangkalpinang. Lempah Darat Kates is a vegetable soup that made from some spices such as red chilies and dried shrimp paste with papaya, and katuk leaves. ‘Bakmi Bangka’ or Bangka’s noodle is a noodle with thick textures. Rujak Daun Ubi Kembang Kates is made from cassava leaves and papaya, and then cooked with red chilies, shallots, garlics and dried shrimp paste. Gembung Betelok is a mackerel fish cooked in coconut milk with eggs and spices, such as pepper, coriander, garlics and shallots. Selada Bangka is a mixture of cucumbers, noodle, tofus, potatos and eggs, served with peanut sauce. Pantiau Kuah is made from steamed rice flour and usually served with fish soup.


People of Bangka usually eat their dishes with sauces or spices. These are some of the most popular ones:

Rusip. It is a fermented-anchovy sauce and used to eat with ‘lalapan’ (fresh/raw vegetable salad). Rusip can be consumed raw and it can be found in the traditional food stores in Bangka. Kecalo, which is a fermented shrimp sauce. Belacan, a blended shrimp paste and Belacan chili, is used as a cooking ingredient or eaten with rice.

Terasi Bubuk Bangka (shrimp pasted powder) is a traditional spice in Indonesia and usually mixed in ‘sambal’ (chili). It is made from crushed-shrimp mixed with salt. Most people know it as ‘terasi’ in a solid form. ‘Terasi’ in powder form has been known since 2000. This homemade industry product is made in some district in Bangka, such as Sungailiat and Belinyu.


Kemplang or Getas is a traditional fish chip that made from fish and tapioca flour. It is a homemade industry made by the local housewives. Besides fish, it can be replaced by squid or shrimp. This traditional food is made in the central of Belinyu sub-district, Sungailiat, and Merawang. Kemplang/Getas can easily be founded in stores in Pangkalpinang and often purchased by visitors as souvenirs.

Other local desserts are Kue Sengkulun Kelapa (steamed coconut mix with sugar wrapped in pondan leaf), Kue Rangai (made of sago and coconut mixture with sugar), Kue Sekentut (mixture of coconut, flour, sago, sugar, steam cooked and wrapped in banana leaves), Kue Yet-yet (made of sago, flour, coconut, brown sugar, steamed cooked).


Tew Fu Sui is a soy milk drink, traditional local drink of Pangkalpinang. It is usually made by the local Chinese and available in different fruits flavors. In addition to this, there is another local famous drink called Arak. This is an alcoholic drink that is produced from fermented rice and can be easily found in Kim Hin village, which located in the south of Sungailiat sub-district.

Kue Gandus or Talam Udang Kue Jongkong
Gembung betelok Kue Rangai
Kue Sekentut Kue Sengkulun Kelapa
Tew Fu Sui
Kue Yet-yet Mie Kuah Bangka
Pantiau Kuah Rujak daun ubi kembang kates
Selada Bangka

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