Historical Buildings : Indonesia Tin Museum

Indonesia Tin Museum

Before becoming into a museum, the Tin Museum was a building to house the employees of BangkaTin Winning corporation. On 2 August 1997, this “house” officially became Indonesia Tin Museum (locally called Museum Timah Indonesia) and collect historical objects of tin mining in Bangka and Indonesia, such as various kinds of tin rocks and minerals, mining equipments in the Dutch era, pictures of traditional tin mining, and many more.

This historical building was also used as a meeting place between the Indonesian delegations and the Dutch during the Dutch occupancy years, under supervision of UNCI (United Nations Commesion for Indonesia) —a United Nations delegations to resolve conflict between Indonesia and the Dutch, before Roem Royen negotiation was held (another significant talk between Indonesia and the Netherland)

Location : Jl. A. Yani No. 17, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 425800 ext 15631
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 8am-4am. Saturday-Sunday, 9 am-2.30pm
Admission fee : free
Remarks : not far from this site, there is a souvenir shop named “Pewter” that sells a wide range of tin products, such as ashtrays, keychains, canon miniatures, and so on.

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