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Wisma Ranggam / House of Ranggam

Wisma RanggamWisma Ranggam is another historical building where former Indonesian President Soekarno, Vice President Moh. Hatta, and the other important people such as Agus Salim, Moh. Roem, Pringgodigdo, Assa’at, Komodor Suryadarma, Ali Sostroamidjoyo were exiled by the Dutch. This is another exile house for President Soekarno and Moh. Hatta, besides Wisma Menumbing. Now the Wisma can be visited and there are some official documents displayed. Mr. Edi Rasidi maintains Wisma Ranggam and can be your guide. The house is poorly lighted, hence it is suggested to visit before sunset. The room that once used by Soekarno is used by some visitors to pray.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Wisma Ranggam / House of Ranggam.

There are 4 modest rooms prepared for visitors to stay overnight at a cost Rp. 50,000/night. Mr. Edi Rasidi is also in charge of this. Reservations are not possible.

Location : Mentok, West Bangka
Admission fee : voluntary donation for the guide
How to get there : by own transportation or car rental
Remarks : the guide, Mr. Rasidi, lives at the back of the wisma. Unfortunately, he speaks in Bahasa Indonesia only.

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