Local Arts : Dance


Barongsai / Lion Dance

Barongsai or also known as Lion Dance is a Chinese traditional dance that is performed during the Chinese New Year. Click here for more info about the dance. The dance becomes part of Bangka Island’s traditional dance because many dwellers here are of the Chinese etnic.

Pinang Sebelas

Pinang “Sebelas”, literary means “eleven”, corresponds to the month of the year when the city of Pangkalpinang was established, that is in November. The dance is inspired by Pangkalpinang’s city establishment and usually performed by eleven dancers to welcome guests in a formal ceremony.

Terindak Dance

Terindak Dance is a Bangka traditional dance, usually performed by 5 girls. The dance tells about village girls, who sing and dance together to express their happiness of working in the field and using “terindak” or conical-farmer-hat made of woven bamboo.

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