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Local Food

Café Pitti Pitipo

Cafe Pitti Pitopo serves Sundanese and Bangka food, as well as grilled chickens. They have lesehan area (sitting on rattan mats on the floor).

Location : Jl. Merdeka No. 144, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 4366681
Operating hours : daily, 9am-10pm
Price range : start from around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 82,000
Nearby attractions : Lapangan Merdeka, Morning Market
Nearby facilities : hotels
How to get there : take a red angkot from Ramayana market and get off in front of the restaurant. Fare: Rp. 3,000
Remarks : cash payments only.

RM Asui

This is a seafood restaurant where to test local food like “Lempah Kuning”.

Location : Jl. Yang Zubaidah No. 242
Telephone : +62 717 423772
Operating hours : daily, 10:30am-10pm
Remarks : cash payment only.

Biru Laut Restaurant

Located on the seashore of Pasir Padi Beach, Biru Laut Restaurant offers not only seafood, but also local dishes like Lempah Kuning.

Location : Jl. Pantai Pasir Padi, Pangkalpinang, approx. about 7 kilometers from Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 812 717325

Greeng Lesehan

Greeng Lesehan is a place where you can eat traditional food like lempah darat, lempah kuning, etc.

Location : Jl. A. Yani, No. 97, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 852 68080773
Operating hours : daily, 10am-11:30pm
Remarks : cash payment only.

Mie Koba (Koba Noodle)

This place is specialized in Mie Koba, a noodle soup from Bangka.

Location : Jl. Balai No. 83, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 813 67001929
Operating hours : daily, 7am-10pm
Remarks : cash payment only.

Otak-otak Kon Kim

Otak-otak Kon Kim is renowned for its “otak-otak”, a traditional food made from mackerel fish and flour, and served with tauco (yellow bean sauce) and peanut sauces, etc.

Location : Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 54, Gg. Aster, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 424148
Operating hours : daily, 10am-10pm
Remarks : cash payment only.

Kedai Mie Bangka

Kedai Mie Bangka is known for its Mie Bangka, one of local food from Bangka and usually it served with meatballs, tripes, and fried dumplings.

Location : nearby Ramayana Market, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 424148

Aurora Restaurant

Aurora restaurant offers Indonesian food, Chinese and Western food as well. Aurora Restaurant also has a beautiful view of Tanjung Pesona beach.

Location : Tanjung Pesona Beach & Resort, Jl. Pantai Rebo, Sungailiat
Telephone : +62 717 436650, +62 812 71235999
Fax : +62 717 435561

Café Sate Bang Kumis

Cafe Sate Bang Kumis is specialized in sate, an Indonesian local dish that made from sliced chicken or goat and grilled then served with peanut or soybean sauce.

Location : Jl. Jend. Sudirman (behind Arraudah mosque), Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 813 57321700

Bird’s Nest Café

As suggested by its name, Bird’s Nest Café is well known for its swallow bird’s nest ice and usually served in many flavors, such as honey, lychees, young coconut, ginseng, and even wine.

Location : Jl. Achmad Rosidi Hamzah No. 157 (Jl. Theresia), Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717-424015
Operating hours : Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 9am-2pm

RM Saung Kuring

RM Saung Kuring serves a wide range of Sundanese dishes, especially for its gurame.

Location : Jl. Girimaya, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 434647
Remarks : it can accommodate until 115 guests and available in modern and traditional setting (locally known as lesehan, sitting on rattan mats on the floor).

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