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Gua MariaGua Maria is a Catholic’s pilgrimage or “Jalan Salib” that becomes one of the places of interest in Belinyu sub-district. It is located on a green tree hill called Moh Thian Liang, which means Reaching The Heaven. The place was established on 8 December 1999 by the diocese of Pangkalpinang. Believers can start the pilgrimage from Katedral church, to Maria Yung Fo Cave, and finish it in Belinyu Maria Cave.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Gua Maria / Maria Cave.

Location : Belinyu sub district
Contact person : Belinyu presbytery: +62 717 321331 (Mr. Frans Adbaw), Katedral Santo Yosep Pangkalpinang presbytery: +62 717 432178
How to get there : by private transportation or car rental
Remarks : Gua Maria is clean and with a pleasant temperature. For more information about Maria Cave, please refer to the contact number above.

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