Other in Bangka Island


Bangka residents are mostly composed of Indonesian citizens coming from all over Indonesia, being the Melayu or Malay and the Chinese as the majority inhabitants. They are usually considered as friendly and helpful people. You might also experience a few greetings on the streets, especially from local kids or people who are trying to make a conversation with you. If you think the locals laugh or smile a lot during talking to you, don't take it wrongly, it is just part of their smiling culture. Most local people in this island spend their leisure night time in Merdeka Field. However, public transportation only operates until about 5pm.

Travelers are advised to dress appropriately in order to avoid unnecessary attention. Click "Tips" on the left menu or here for more matters on Clothing.


Should you like to develop and print your photos; there are some photo services in Pangkalpinang, in Ramayana market area. Processing time depends on numbers of printing, but usually it takes around one hour or less for a set of photos, and it costs about Rp. 1,500 for one print.


Bangka is a small island with low crime levels. Terminals, traditional markets, and public parks are more sensitive areas and travelers are advised to be more cautious in those places, especially at night. Common crimes in big cities, like pick pocketing, are fortunately a rare problem.

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