Sea Transportation in Bangka Island

Pangkal Balam Harbour

There are two main harbors on this island: Muntok harbor and Pangkal Balam harbor. Muntok harbor is located in Muntok district. The harbor serves routes from Sumatera Island, Palembang, to Muntok. It takes about 3 hours by ferry to reach Muntok harbor from Boom Baru harbor in Palembang.

Pangkal Balam Harbor serves routes to Belitung Island, Palembang, and Jakarta. There are some ticket agents like JN Travel as you enter the harbor and in the lounge area. Ships heading to Tanjung Priok harbor in Jakarta are Srikandi, Salvia, Sahabat and Tri Star. For routes to Belitung and Palembang, by Express Bahari, you can contact Mr. Yono (mobile phone: +62 813 7758278 or +62 717 432080).

Just before the entrance gate at Pangkal Balam Harbor, you will see an admission fee board explaining the admission fees to the harbor as follows: Rp. 5,000 for passenger, Rp. 2,000 for visitors, Rp. 1,000 for staff, Rp. 4,000 for trucks, Rp. 2,000 for cars or minibus, and Rp. 1,000 for motorbikes. However, most of the time there is no one at the entrance gate and people just come in and come out without paying anything.

How to get there : take a red angkot from Ramayana Market. Fare: Rp. 3,000.

Several companies or offices handling routes to Bangka Island:

Pelni office

Location : Jl. Depati amir No. 67, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 422743, 422216
Fax : +62 717 421304

PT. Bangka Jaya Line

Location : Jl. Yos sudarso No. 1 Pangkalbalam, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 421802, +62 812 7172185

PT. Pelayaran Gebejaya Sejati

Location : Jl. Yos sudarso No. 32, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 424870, +62 811 717188
Fax : +62 717 432108

KM Levina

Location : Jl. Yos sudarso No. 46, Pangkalpinang
Telephone : +62 717 421149, 422975, 422559, +62 811 717208, +62 852 67788992

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