Kerkrof cemetery | Sentosa China cemetery

This is a luxurious Chinese cemetery which has been existed since 1935. Sentosa Chinese Cemetery covers about 27 ha and has more than 11.000 graves. The tombs were built in different architectures, one grave, built in granite, was built at a cost of hundreds of millions Rupiah. The oldest tomb belongs to Boen Pit Liem family, buried in 1915.

Sentosa Chinese cemetery is part of the “Tomb Sweeping Day ceremony” (Cheng Beng/Ching Ming ceremony in Chinese language), where most of relatives of the deads come to pray and pay respect to their ancestors. The ceremony begins 10 days before the “Cheng Beng”, by cleaning and decorating the cemeteries with many lanterns. The main event of Cheng Beng/Ching Ming ceremonial is usually held every year on 5 April.

Location : Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Pangkalpinang
How to get there : by angkot: take a black angkot from Ramayana Market to Pasir Padi and get off at the main gate of the cemetery. Fare: Rp. 3,000. However, it is suggested to take a private car or car rental
Remarks : it is better to visit Sentosa Chinese Cemetery on daytime to avoid darkness.

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