Transportation in Bangka Island

Land Transportation

There are three bus or angkot terminals in Pangkalpinang city: Jl. Mentok terminal, Selindung terminal and Girimaya terminal. All angkots from there are heading to Ramayana market. Click the picture on the right for more and bigger photos of Ramayana market/plaza.

You can take an angkot from Ramayana market to go to these terminals. Terminal Girimaya serves route to Koba, Toboali, Nyelanding, Sadai, Perlang, Sadap, by minibuses. Its fares vary from Rp. 13,000 (Koba) to Rp. 35,000 (Sadai). The terminal is operating from around 5am to around 3pm. You can take a yellow angkot from Ramayana market to the terminal. It costs Rp. 3,000.

Selindung terminal serves routes to Sungailiat (Rp. 7,000/person) and Belinyu (Rp. 20,000/person). You can take a light blue angkot from Ramayana market and get off at the terminal. It costs Rp. 3,000. Click the picture on the left for more and bigger photos of terminals in Bangka.

Jl. Mentok terminal serves route to Mentok by minibus from about 6am to 1pm. Take a green angkot from Ramayana Market to go to the terminal and it costs Rp. 3,000.

The angkot directions can be differentiated from the color of angkot. And fares are based on the distance travelled. Some of Pangkalpinang’s main streets are Jl. Sudirman, north-south direction and streches for slightly more than 1 kilometer, where most hotels, restaurants and offices are located, Jl. Masjid Jamik (the main junction in town), and the market area (couple of hundred meters to the east of Jl. Sudirman and Jl. Masjid Jamik).


Ojek can be found in Girimaya terminal and it only operates until 2pm. Unlike in other cities in Indonesia, ojeks in Bangka Island are not easily available in Pangkalpinang. Most people in this city prefer to take angkot than ojek, as ojek only serves very short routes.

Car Rental

Most local people in Bangka Island own a private motorcycle or car. Public transportation like angkot, taxi or ojek only operate from morning (from about 5am) to afternoon (up to about 5pm). Most of the places of interest are not within reach of public transportation. Therefore, tourists are highly suggested to rent a car or to engage a travel agent when visiting Bangka Island (may cost more but they will take care of everything, unless you don’t mind arranging everything by yourself).

See below for some car rental companies in Bangka Island. (Unfortunately) Most of them speak in Bahasa Indonesia only.

Peje Rental
Telephone: +62 852068412805, +62 819 4808099

Jumi Rental
Telephone: +62 852 67463166

Ade Rental
Telephone: +62 812 83999933

Reka Rental
Telephone: +62 717 433327

Pratama Rental
Telephone: +62 717 4255222

Krisna Rental
Telephone: +62 819 49088910

Yulvian Car Rental
Location: Jl. Mantri Urip No. 79
Telephone: +62 717 424821

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