Barelang Bridge

Jembatan Barelang or literally means Barelang Bridge is the only bridge in Batam that connects Batam Island to the other islands, such as Galang, Nipah, and so on. It is 2,264 meter long and has becomes the landmark of Batam. Barelang Bridge is built as the initiative of Indonesia’s former Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie. Total construction of the bridges took around 7 years, starting from 1992 to 1998. The existence of the bridge is significant to facilitate mobility of people who living on small islands in the southern of Batam Island, such as Galang and Nipah Islands to go to Batam Island, and vice versa.

Barelang Bridge consists of six different bridges which also connect all six main islands near Batam:

1. Barelang Bridge I: Teuku Fisabilillah Bridge
Barelang Bridge I is the longest and the biggest bridge which is 642 meter long. The bridge connects Batam Island and Tonton Island. The architectural design resembles the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco in the United States. It makes the Bridge Barelang I as one of the main tourists destinations in Batam. They usually visit the bridge just to take pictures or to have lunch or snacks in stalls or warungs located near this bridge. Sweet roasted corn here costs Rp. 5,000 and coconut juice costs Rp. 8,000. Dragon fruits, a local fruit of Batam are also sold here, as well as other local snacks.

2. Barelang Bridge II: Nara Singa Bridge
It connects Tonton Island and NIpah Island. Barelang Bridge II is about 420 meter long.

3. Barelang Bridge III: Ali Haji Bridge
The bridge connects Nipah Island and Setokok Island, which stretches about 270 meters.

4. Barelang Bridge IV: Sultan Zainal Abidin Bridge
It connects Setokok Island and Rempang Island. Barelang Bridge IV has a lengthong of about 365 meters.

5. Barelang Bridge V: Tuanku Tambusai Bridge
This 385 meter long bridge connects Rempang Island and Galang Island.

6. Barelang Bridge VI: Raja Kecil Bridge
It has a length of about 180 meters and connects Galang Island and Galang Baru Island.

Location : about 20 kilometers from downtown Batam
Facilities : warungs, food stalls, toilets, musholla (a praying room for Muslims)
How to get there : by private transportation from Batam Center, it takes about 40 minutes away.

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