Ecotourisms : Dragon Fruit Garden

Dragon Fruit Garden

Visiting Batam without tasting dragon fruit will probably be considered an incomplete visit. Although dragon fruit cultivation in Batam is considered a new farming, this fruit has become one of the typical fruits of Batam City. Along the Trans Barelang road, particularly around Rempang and Galang, there are dragon fruit plantation. One of the very well known farms is nicknamed "Naga Zore". This plantation has an area of approximately 4 hectares.

Visitors usually come to see dragon fruit trees, to eat freshly picked fruits, and to take pictures in the plantation. Although visitors can freely explore the site, however, they are prohibited from picking the dragon fruit by themselves. This is to avoid damaging the trees. There is a restaurant where visitors can eat processed dragon fruit, such as dragon fruit soup, dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit sticks, and so forth. One kilogram of dragon fruit is sold at Rp. 40.000 here at Naga Zore.

The Naga Zone or Dragon Zore farm has already become famous as one of tourism sites in Batam. Not only visited by domestic tourists, there are foreign tourists also visiting this plantation.

Location : Rempang Island (after Barelang Bridge IV)
Telephone : +62 811 691274, 819 800007
Opening hours : weekdays, 9am-5pm; weekend and public holidays, 9am-6:30pm
Admission fee : free
Facilities : restaurant, tour guide (only in Bahasa Indonesia)
How to get there : it takes around 50 minutes from Batam Centre
Remarks : you need give them prior notification, at least 2 days before coming. It is usually will be crowded on weekends and public holidays. Since there is no ATMs along Trans Barelang, it might be better to have some cash money with you.

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