Beaches In Batam : Galang Mas Beach

Galang Mas Beach

Located around 100 kilometers from downtown Batam, Galang Mas Beach is one of the best beaches in Batam. It has a stunning natural landscape and beautiful beach. A rocky shore on a headland combined with clear blue water and mangrove trees around the beach create remarkable natural sights here. Although it is quite far from downtown Batam, it is worth a visit, especially for those who look for a beautiful and peaceful place.

Similar to other beaches in Batam, mostly local visitors usually swim and do fishing here. Benches and huts on a headland area will be a great place to enjoy the scenery and to gather with families or friends.

Location : Galang Baru Island, Galang Subdistrict
Operating hours : daily, from morning till sunset
Entrance fee : Rp. 5,000/person
Facilities : warungs, mushola (a prayer room for Muslims), gazebos, toilets
How to get there : by private transportation from Nagoya is takes around 90-120 minutes
Remarks : since it is located quite far from downtown Batam, it is suggested to bring your own needs, such as food, drink, snack, etc.

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