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Nong Isa Cemetery

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Raja Nong Isa or Isa bin Ali Raja was the first ruler of Batam after he received a formal order from the Sultan of Riau on 18 December 1829 to take control over Nongsa and its surroundings, which is currently known as the area of Batam. This moment is then marked as the beginning of an official government of Batam. Therefore, 18 December was finally acknowledged as the birthday of the city of Batam.

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Nong Isa Cemetery is situated in a small hill in Nongsa Pantai Village, Nongsa and surrounded by tall trees. The cemetery is located away from residential areas and just before entering the gate , there is an information board explaining the family tree of Nong Isa. But unfortunately, the board is in a poor-condition. After the gate, you will have to climb a dozens of steps to finally reach the cemetery. This Nong Isa Cemetery is actually a tomb of relatives and descendants of Nong Isa. The Nong Isa tomb itself until today is still unknown and remains a mystery.

Location : Sambau, Nongsa or about 1 kilometer from Palm Spring Golf Resort
Operating hours : daily
Entrance fee : free
Nearby facilities : mosque
How to get there : by own transportation from Batam downtown is about 40 minutes
Remarks : since there is no street light to the cemetery, so it is recommended to come during the day only. Cemetery keeper is not available.

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