Historical Places : Rumah Limas Potong

Rumah Limas Potong

Rumah Limas Potong is one of the Malay traditional houses in Riau Islands. It has a distinctive look, which is a wooden-house on stilts with a height of about 1.5 meters above the ground, and has a roof that resembles a truncated pyramid. This type of house mostly has five main parts, namely terrace, front area, middle, back (bed), and a kitchen. The front part of the house is used for displaying historical photos of the the traditional house, the living room contains diorama of Malay wedding, and the back-end of the house is a room that contains a canopied bed that is also connected to the kitchen.

Malay kitchen utensils here are well maintained and well displayed in the kitchen, such as plates, spoons, pots, wood stove, some jars, and so on. In the past, one of the large jars was placed outside the house, located next to the bottom of the stairs. The jar, which contained water was used to wash feet of anyone before he/she entered the house. In the Malay culture, anyone who is entering the house has to take off their shoes and sandals first, then to wash his/her foot with a clean water from the jar.

This traditional house is owned by Haji Sain, a Malay-Batam resident who had been living in this house since November 1959. This house is located in the middle of a Malay village, in contrast to the surrounding houses, which have modern architecture. Today it is not easy to find a traditional house like Rumah Potong Limas in Batam. Because of this reason, this particular house eventually converted into a cultural heritage site by the local government. Having undergone some renovations –without losing its original form—, finally the Rumah Potong Limas was inaugurated as a tourism site and officially opened to the public in November 2011.

Location : Kampung Melayu, RT 01 RW 08, Batu Besar Village, Nongsa
Operating hours : daily, 9am-5pm
Entrance fee : free (voluntary donation might be expected)
Nearby facilities : mosque, warungs
Nearby attractions : the beaches along Nongsa coastline
How to get there : By angkot: from Nagoya take pink or white "Jodoh-Nongsa" line and stop at Batu Besar junction (fare: Rp. 8,000 for about 40 minutes of journey). From there take an ojek to the Rumah Limas Potong (fare: Rp. 15,000 for about 15-minute ride). Do not forget to ask ojek’s driver to wait for you since it’s rare to find public transportation in here
By private transportation or taxi from Nagoya is around 35 minutes ride
Remarks : unfortunately, the collection displayed in the house is considered small in numbers. Although a tour guide is not available here, but Mr. Abdul Rasjid will feel free to guide you around. He is the house keeper and heirs of the house (speaks only Bahasa Indonesia). For further information you can call him on +62 813 64495689.

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