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Traditional dances in Batam are heavily influenced by traditional dances from Bintan, Riau Island Province and other Malay dances. Some of them can be seen below:

Tari Melemang

Tari Melemang or Melemang Dance is a traditional dance of Bintan, a nearby island. It is originated from Tanjungpisau Negeri Bentan Penaga, Bintan and first performanced is believed to be done around the 12th century within the Sultanate of Bentan Malay (Melayu Bentan), which was located in Bukit Batu, Bintan island (east of Batam). The dance was performed in front of the Sultan while he was resting. Initially it was an official art of the Sultanate and performed by the staff only, not until the demise of the kingdom, then Tari Melemang has become a public traditional entertainment.

Watch Melemang Dance here:

Tari Zapin

Tari Zapin or Zapin Dance is usually performed to welcome special guests and influenced by the Arabic culture. The dance has a few types of Zapin, such as Zapin Bengkalis, Silang Berempat, Penyengat, Siak, Tembong and so on. Zapin Bengkalis describes a story of happiness among the youth, while Zapin Tembong has more self-defense rhythm.

Watch Zapin Dance here:

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