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Traffic conditions in main roads in Batam are usually not too crowded, even on weekends. Peak hours only occur in late afternoon, when people are going home from work or after doing their daily activities, which is around 4pm-7pm. Simpang Kabil is one of the main area in Batam that is usually will be crowded duringthese hours, since it is the meeting point between Muka Kuning, Barelang and Batam downtown (Batam Centre and Nagoya). Similar to other cities in Indonesia, in Batam public transportation drivers pick up and drop off passengers at any place. Also pedestrians are advised to be more careful when crossing the road.

Batam has a few public transportation for travelers and tourists, such as ojek, public bus, taxi and “angkot”, which is locally known as "metro trans". Unfortunately “angkot” or “metro trans”, bus rapid transirt or locally known as Trans Batam and public buses only cover limited areas, such as Batam Center, Nagoya, Nongsa, Bengkong, etc.It is also recommended not to take angkot in Batam alone at night or when road conditions are poorly lighted -unless you're familiar with the area. Note: all fares mentioned here are subject to increase due to 2013's fuel hike.


Angkot or metro trans in Batam can be easily identified by their colors. Below are some angkot or metro trans routes based on their colors:

No Colour Routes
1 White or pink Jodoh-Nongsa
2 Brown Muka Kuning-Batu Aji
3 Green Jodoh-Bengkong
4 Yellow Bengkong-Muka Kuning
5 Orange Jodoh-Punggur
6 Maroon Jodoh-Batu Aji-Dapur 12 via Sukajadi
7 Dark blue Jodoh-Batu Aji-Tanjung Uncang via Batam Center

An “angkot or metro trans” can accommodate about 8-9 people (including the driver). Unlike public transportation in Bandung, where the passengers sit facing each other, in Batam passengers sit facing forward. Because of limited empty space in angkot, for travelers who carry a lot of luggages or goods, metro trans may not be a good choise.Metro trans’ fares in Batam depend on how far or close your destination is. For example, from Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal (Batam Centre) to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall (Jl. Imam Bonjol, Nagoya) will cost you Rp. 3,000, or to Nongsa Rp. 8,000.


Ojek is actually an unlicensed motorcycle/motorbike taxi and is popular because it brings its passenger faster to his/her destination. They can be found at their own "terminals", which can be anywhere in the city, recognized by a self-made small signboard that says "Pangkalan Ojek". On streets, they might be recognized by their "spare helmet" and they often ride their motorbikes slowly while looking around for passengers. A short distance negotiable fare is approximately Rp. 5,000.


Most of taxis in Batam are non-metered taxis. Unlike in some other major cities in Indonesia, not all taxi in Batam have the taxi-sign on the roof of car. Since some taxis are private sedans, it may be difficult for you to distinguish them from ”non private sedans” taxis. One easy way to identify these private taxis is thatthey are usually old type of sedans and usually in black color. Another thing to note if you decide to take a private taxi is the driver can take other passengers even though you are already in the car, unless you say “charter” to the taxi driver. Therefore, you should be more careful if you want to take this “private taxi”, especially if you are a newcomer or a tourist who knows a little about Batam City. These non-metered taxis can be easily found on the side of main streets in Batam, in ferry terminals, airport, and other public places.

Non-metered taxi fares depend on how far or close your destination is. For example, from Waterfront City to Nagoya, or vice versa it will cost you around Rp. 120,000 (for about 30 minutes away), to Batam Centre or to Sekupang is about Rp. 95,000, about 15-20 minutes away. Fare from Nagoya to Nongsa or vice versa is about Rp. 150,000. All fares are negotiable. So feel free to bargain to get a cheaper fare! (Pay in other currencies meaning exchange rate is subject to your driver's rate, beside it is illegal to pay in currencies other than rupiah in Batam (and other places in Indonesia).

Currently there are metered taxi companies operate in Batam (as of 2013), named Silver Cab and Blue Bird. Their taxis use a digital meter machine. When arriving at your destinantion place, you will accept a payment receipt, which contains of total fares, cost of call, time of travel, driver's name, and call center number for reservation. Blue Bird, which is well known for its services in other big cities in Indonesia can be reached at +62 778 421234. Unfortunately, Silver Cab only serves passengers who make reservations in advance to the central office. You can make a reservation by calling Silver Cab call center on: +62 778 461 000.

Public Bus

Batam has a new public tranport system, call Trans Batam. At the moment (early 2016) the bus services start (or end) from (at) Sekupang, Batuaji and Batam Center. It costs Rp. 4,000 per trip. There are also two normal public bus routes in Batam: “Batam Centre-Batu Aji” and “Batam Centre-Sekupang”, both have the same fares, Rp. 4,000 (the fare is flat). You can find these public buses in front of Harris Hotel Batam Centre. However, using public bus is not recommended, especially for those who do not have much spare-time in Batam. Because despite its cheap price, the bus usually will depart every 30-45 minutes later than its schedules, even more.

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this is a very guide to public transportation in Batam.There are,howeer, many more damri buses than the author has described e.g. there is a service from jodoh to sembulang;there is another service from jodoh to sekupang and a bus service from jodoh to hang nadim airport. Damri also operates from Hang Nadim to Batu Aji.All these services are both directions. Unfortunately the timings are uncertain and the schedules are not easily available. It would be a good promotion for Damri to print out the routes and schedules and make these easily available to the public.


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