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Tua Pek Kong or also known as Vihara Budhi Bhakti is touted as the oldest Buddhism temple in Batam. It was inaugurated on 18 September 1986 by the local authority of Batam. This temple occupies an area of approximately 650 square meters and has been frequently visited by many foreign tourists, such as South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

In contrast to several other monasteries in Batam, the architectural design of Tua Pek Kong Temple is well influenced by the Chinese architecture, such as its interior designs with red lanterns hanging from the ceiling and striking red colour that making this Buddhism temple looks like a Chinese temple. Until today, Tua Pek Kong Temple is still being used to worship every day, as well as for Buddhism religious festivities.

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Beside the temple there is a small park that has several statues of gods, such as Maitreya Buddha, the Goddess Kuan Im, as well as several other gods. Relief gods also adorn the outer wall of the temple. A pagoda is built in front of the temple, while next to the temple, there is also a small Chinese temple called Khong Hu Chu Temple.

Location : Windsor, Nagoya
Telephone : +62 778 424530
Opening hours : daily, 6am-6pm
Facilities : toilets, warungs, free Buddhist course
Nearby facilities : restaurants, hotels, ATMs
How to get there : by taxi from Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal or Batam Center International Ferry Terminal is around 15 minutes
Remarks : it will usually be crowded on weekends. At the moment they are building additional facilities in Tua Pek Kong Temple, such as school, library, and so on These additional facilities are planned to be completed by the end of 2012.

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21Mart saya berkunjung di klenteng winsor ini, sepulang dari pasar. Saya doa, selanjutnya saya menaruh pakpoe,agar diberkati Dewi Kwan Im, tapi ditolak oleh petugas disitu. baru kali ini saya mendapatkan penolakan.

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