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Makanan dan Minuman Khas Batam

Batam is renowned for its refined seafood and its typical Malay food. Various kinds of seafood, such as fish soup, “siput gonggong” or sea snails (served with hot chili sauce), “ikan asam pedas” or spicy sour fish, and “mie lendir” (noodles served with bean sprouts, boiled egg, sliced chilis and poured with peanut sauce), “mie sagu” (fried sago noodles with meatballs, eggs, shrimp, bean sprouts, etc.) are easy to get in many restaurants and food stalls throughout the city.

There are also other Malay food and Indian dishes, such as “
nasi dagang” (rice cooked with coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and served with chicken curry or fish and vegetable pickle), “roti prata” (dough bread baked and served with peanut sauce or curry chicken), “kue tepung gomak” (made from sticky rice flour filled with a mixture of grated coconut and brown sugar), “roti jala” (nets-shaped bread served with curry chicken), etc.

As for the drinks, this city islands has a unique name for iced tea.Here in Batam it iscalled "
teh obeng" or literally means “screwdriver tea”. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you can’t find iced tea on many restaurants’ list but the “teh obeng”. There are other common other drinks in Batam, such as “teh tarik” (lterally means “pulled tea”). It has become one of typical drinks in Batam. As the name tells, this tea is made by whipped and pulled the tea from one glass to another, so the tea and milk can mix perfectly. Batam’s dragon fruit juice is also a good option to try!

Batam is an urban city where many people from various regions in Indonesia and expatriates make this city has a diverse culinary repertoire.You can find some cuisines from other cities in Indonesia here, such as Padang, Sundanese, East Java, as well as European cuisine, Thailand and Chinese food, and so on. Similar to other big cities in Indonesia, Batam has also franchise restaurants and cafes, such as KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. These restaurants can easily be found in shopping malls in Batam Centre and Nagoya.

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