Useful Telephone Numbers and Internet Cafes

Useful Telephone Numbers | Internet Cafes

Useful Telephone Numbers (local call)

Public Phone in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Airport - Phnom Penh International 023 890890, 890220
Ambulance Services 119
Ambulance Calmette Hospital 023 724891, 723840
Embassies and Consulates
Hospital - Calmette 021 426948
Hospital - Naga Clinic 011 811 175
Police 117
Tourist Police 012 942484

Internet Cafes

Internet cafés are plentiful in Phnom Penh, along Sisowath Quay, street 154, street 278, around Central Market, Wat Botum, Boeung Kak Lake and so on. Their internet connection speeds are generally good enough for tourists to check their emails or chat.

Opening hours are usually from around 7am till around 10pm. For additional information about internet in Cambodia please see General Information Cambodia.

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