Within Phnom Penh (And Its Neighboring Towns)

Until today there is no public bus within the city. One common public transport frequently used by both locals and tourists is Kong Bai or well known as Tuk-tuk ( /took-took/ ). It is called Tuk-tuk because of its similarity with the one in Thailand.

For a short ride (less than 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles), a Tuk-tuk driver might initially ask for US$ 3 to $ 4 but in the end you should be able to settle for $ 2. A "middle range" trip, such as from the Riverfront area to the Russian Market costs around $ 3 for one person and may jump to $ 5 for two or more passengers.

One day Kong Bai rental around Phnom Penh should be around $ 15 (expect to pay more if you are travelling with one additional passenger or more). A trip to Choeung Ek (the Killing Field) from downtown Phnom Penh costs around $ 12 return (expect to pay up to around $ 17 for 3 to 4 persons travelling together). More info on Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

During the dry season some roads may become very dusty and this might be inconvenient for Tuk-tuk passengers, while during the cold months, it can be quite chilly. During the wet season, the passengers will stay dry, however they might not be able to enjoy the views clearly, since Tuk-tuk “windows” are made of clear plastic. More info on Cambodian season.

Non-metered taxis are quite plentiful, although mostly they wait for passengers somewhere near big hotels or restaurants and bars only. They can be identified by a small "removable taxi sign" on top of their cars. Prices are negotiable, varying from about $ 4 for a short trip (less than 10 kilometers/ 6 miles) within the city to about $ 28 to $ 30 for a day charter. Contact details of non-meter taxi operators are listed down below.

There are two taxi companies with meters in Phnom Penh but you will rarely see them on the roads. One of them is called Global Taxi, which started its metered taxi services in 2008. It started with only less than 30 taxis and unless you call for a booking, finding one on the street might not be that easy. Currently they charge 4,000 riel for the first two kilometers (1.2 miles) and subsequently 400 riel for every 200 meters.

Currently they charge 4,000 riel for the first two kilometers (1.2 miles) and subsequently 400 riel for every 200 meters.

Global Taxi
Booking call: +855 11 311888, +855 12 311888, +855 16 680118

There are also motodup ( /mo-to doop/ ) or unlicensed motorbike taxi, and cyclo ( /cee-clo/ ) or pedicabs (rickshaw). It is easy to identify a motodup, since usually they will greet you with “Taxi sir? Taxi madam?” or something similar. A short motodup trip within Phnom Penh costs around $ 1.

A cyclo may be good for a short distance trip, though it may be a bit small for two adults in the same cyclo. Normally they charge around $ 1 for a short trip. Usually cyclo drivers are not as aggressive as their Tuk-tuk or motodup colleagues in getting prospective passengers’ attention.

There are also bicycles, motorbikes and car rentals in Phnom Penh, but before deciding to hire a bicycle, or a motorbike or even a car, it will be better to observe the city’s traffic conditions first. If you think you can cope with the situation, you can hire one from a few bicycle rental shops along St. 107 near Phsar Orrusey and along St. 93, which charge $ 2 for a day rental. Small hotels or guesthouses might provide rental services for their guests.

Below is a list of individual taxi operators in alphabetical order:

Cambodia Driver

Website : www.cambodiadriver.com
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : +855 12 778368, +855 16 639852.

Phnom Penh Driver

Website : www.phnompenhdriver.com
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : +855 97 9170678.

Phnom Penh Taxi

Website : www.phnompenhtaxi.biz
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : +855 12 556476.

Phnom Penh Taxi Driver

Website : www.phnompenhtaxidriver.com, www.phnompenhtaxi.com
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : +855 16 886544.

Taxi Vantha

Website : www.taxivantha.com
Email : [email protected]
Telephone : +855 23 933433, +855 12 855000.

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