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Khmer people are generally friendly. Foreign visitors might be overwhelmed by “greetings”, such as “Tuk-tuk Sir, Madam” or “(motorbike) taxi, Sir, Madam”. If you don’t need one, just smile and say “no” without trying to engage in further communication.

Local drivers also like to honk, which probably means, “watch out, I’m coming towards you”.

Wedding ceremony
Locals in a market
Village teenagers

For more on local culture and clothing, please see “Tips Cambodia".


Taking photos of certain areas, like military areas are prohibited. It is advisable to ask permission if you want to take photos of monks, though usually they will be happy to pose for you.

Should you like to develop and print your photos, there are many photo printing and photocopy services in Siem Reap, for instance along Sivutha Boulevard, National Road 6 and Vithei Charles de Gaulle.

Kodak and Fuji are the two common brands in Siem Reap. Processing time depends on the numbers of prints, but usually it takes around one hour for a set of photos, though a few shops still need a full day to develop and print your photos. It costs you around 350 Riel per one print/paper and shouldn’t cost you more than 100 Riel for a page of photocopying (More info of Riel exchange rate).

Postal Services

There is a post office, which is located on Pokambor Street, just a few steps away from FCC or Shinta Mani Hotel.


Just like other cities in the world, crimes do exist here too, though Siem Reap is still considered as a safe city for foreigners. However, it would always be good to be vigilant for pickpockets and other kinds of city petty crime.

While touring around the city, either on foot or by other means of transportation, a few common advices exist to keep you away from any unnecessary troubles, such as making sure that your backpack or camera are not easily “snatch-able” and your backpack is securely closed or locked, keeping your wallet, mobile phone or other important things that you need to carry with you in secure places.

At night, visitors are also advised to avoid walking alone in dark places, like along the river side of Siem Reap River, where certain areas are not brightly lit, especially after 9pm-10pm.

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