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Cambodian Muslim Restaurant

The restaurant, which is located in a relatively quite narrow street, is owned by a Cambodian Muslim family who are friendly and welcoming. They offer a mixture of local dishes and international flavours, such as Malay influenced dishes.

Location : No. 86, Stengthmay Village, Svaydangkom Commune
Telephone : +855 12 682361, 956113
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 6am-8pm
Price range :
Remarks : located near Siem Reap mosque, cash payment only.

Chusska Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

A pure Indian vegetarian restaurant in town that serves one of the finest authentic Indian vegetarian food in a comfortable restaurant, located in the heart of Siem Reap. Vegetables are always parts of the restaurant’s dishes and presented in a number of ways. All dishes in the restaurant are prepared with vegetable oil and vegetables are cleaned with drinking water and the ice cubes are made of purified water.

Location : Street 7, the Old Market Area, one block to the north of Pub Street
Telephone : +855 12 212138
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 11am-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : free Wi-Fi.

India Gate Restaurant

As indicated by it's name, the restaurant mainly serves Indian food cooked by an Indian chef. It has dishes for vegetarians too.

Location : Sivutha Boulevard (near Pub Street or Terrasse des Elephants)
Telephone : +855 93 400148, +855 90 777235, +855 98 547861
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 8am-10:50pm
Price range :
Remarks : accept cash payment only.

Maharajah Restaurant

A dining experience at MAHARAJAH Siem Reap & Sihanouk Ville .will make you believe that exclusivity with a touch of simplicity is important in the creation of every delicious dish. Along with the assurance of a wide range of delectable dishes and an immaculate service, a meal at The MAHARAJAH restaurant inspires interactive dining. Here is a priceless range of all finger licking royal Indian vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes. Maharajah is the best Indian restaurant in town most favorite haunt of both expiates & tourist curry lovers, due to its Fresh, Hygienic & Authentic preparation. Used high quality authentic Indian spices that make all the visitors have to the delicious food with unforgettable taste. Very reasonable priced.

Location : Sivatha Road, the Old Market area, in front of Terrasse Des Elephants
Telephone : +855 92 506622
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 10am-11pm
Price range : $3-$6
Remarks : this is a Royal Indian Cuisine Halal restaurant that also serves Pakistani dishes, free Wi-Fi.

Nest Angkor

It serves light Mediterranean and Asian dishes.

Location : Sivutha Blvd, between Hotel de la Paix and National Road 6 (near Mekong Bank)
Telephone : +855 63 966381
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 11:30am till late
Price range :
Remarks : a new and cosy restaurant in town that adopts an "open air" concept.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant

The restaurant's chef has over 30 years experience.

Location : No. 70, Mondol 1
Telephone : +855 16 840326, +855 92 510779
Website :
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Opening hours : daily
Price range :

The Red Piano

The restaurant has been serving its customers since 2000 and serves Western and Asian dishes. It has a famous cocktail named "Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider Cocktail".

Location : west end of Pub Street
Telephone : +855 63 964750
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 7am-11:30pm
Price range :
Remarks : cash payment only.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

From ancient places of the Indian sub-continent to modern kitchens, hand-blended masalas remain a treasured element of the finest cooking. The rich spices found in these blends are imported from their native countries, and mixed with the greatest care by Master Chef M. Ahmad and his professional team of the popular Taj Mahal restaurant, one of the tasty pints in Siem Reap. M. Ahmad's inspiration came from researching the favorite dishes of many royal families who ruled India centuries ago.

Location : Street #7, Near to Pub Street Old Market Area, Siem Reap
Telephone : +855 88 8765100
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 11am-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : a Classic Indian Cuisine halal restaurant that also serves Pakistani dishes, free Wi-Fi.

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