Within Siem Reap (And Its Neighboring Towns)

Until today there is no public bus within the city. One common public transport frequently used by both locals and tourists is Remork or commonly known as Tuk-tuk ( /took-took/ ). It is called Tuk-tuk because of "its similarity" with the Tuk-tuks in Thailand.

Tuk-tuk in Siem Reap are somehow smaller than Phnom Penh's Tuk-tuk and the drivers in Siem Reap wear a light brown uniform (vest) with a registered number at their back.

A short trip should cost you between US$ 1 to $ 2 (don't forget to bargain). A longer trip (15 kilometers/9 miles), such as to Tonle Sap lake will cost you about US$ 6, while to the silk farm (about 16 kilometers/10 miles away) will be between $ 8 and $ 10 there and back (he will wait for you). The more passengers travelling together, the more they expect to pay. Night trips might also cost passengers a little bit more than day trips.

During dry season (More info about Cambodian seasons) roads may become very dusty and this might cause inconvenience to Remork/Tuk-tuk passengers, while during cold months, it can be quite chilly. During wet season, Tuk-tuk passengers will stay dry, however they might not be able to enjoy the views clearly, since Tuk-tuk’s “windows” are made of clear plastic.

There used to be a taxi company called Mailinh Taxi, which started its metered taxi services in 2008. Today, only private cars ("taxi") are available. Mostly they drive Toyota Camrys and are available for daily rentals at about US$ 25-30.

A list of a few private cars (drivers) that offer taxi services:

Chan Sopul Car Service

Telephone : +855 12 857280
Email : [email protected]

Heng Vannak Taxi Service

Telephone : +855 17 550075
Email : [email protected]

Meas Sovann Car Service

Telephone : +855 12 761486
Email : [email protected]

Pin Sophally Tours & Car Service

Telephone : +855 12 963430
Email : [email protected]

Preap Ladenn Taxi Service

Telephone : +855 12 894077
Email : [email protected]

Say Rithysak

Telephone : +855 12 576758
Email : [email protected]

Siem Reap Taxi Driver

Telephone : +855 12 941715
Website : www.freewebs.com

Thoeun Vuthy Car Service

Telephone : +855 12 964551
Email : [email protected]

Siem Reap Taxi Services

Telephone : +855 15 521888
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.siemreaptaxi.com

Mailinh Taxi

Location : behind City River Hotel
Telephone : +855 977 292929
Booking call : +855 63 766688

There is also motodup ( /mo-to doop/ ) or unlicensed motorbike taxi. It is easy to identify a motodup, since often motodup drivers greet you with “Taxi sir? Taxi madam?” or something similar. A short motodup trip within Siem Reap costs around US$ 1.

There are also bicycle rentals in Siem Reap and it is quite convenient to ride your bicycle around the city. Normally you can rent one from 6am till 6pm at a cost of US$ 1 to $ 2. They can be found around the junction of National Road 6 and Sivutha Boulevard, as well as along Sivutha Boulevard near Siem Reap River, and so forth. Small hotels or guesthouses might provide rental services for their guests.

One of the latest means of transport in Siem Reap are electric bicycles and electric cars. Electric cars, which started their operations in January 2008, are found just after the South Gate of Angkor Thom (before reaching Bayon temple). These cars are mainly operating within the Angkor Thom city and cost US$ 3 per person. For further details on electric cars, please contact: +855 63 767678 or +855 12 676797 or by email: [email protected].

Electric bicycles can also be found at the South Gate of the Angkor Thom city, just around the electric cars, as well as at a few guesthouses or hotels in Siem Reap. They usually cost around US$ 4 a day. Though not every temple has an "electric bike station", the numbers should be enough for you to recharge the battery. The location is marked with a signpost like the picture above.

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