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Air Transportation to Doha

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Air transportation is the most common method of transportation to go to Doha. All international flights arrive at the Hamad International Airport, which is located just a few kilometers from the the old Doha International Airport. The HIA airport will have an initial capacity of around 24 million passengers yearly once opened.

Click the picture below for a bigger view of the photo of Hamad International Airport of Doha.

Within Qatar, there is no domestic airline flight. All flights arriving and leaving Doha are international flights and Qatar Airways, the country’s flag carrier, is the major player. Today Qatar Airways flies to more than 100 destinations worldwide from Doha. Apart from Qatar Airways there are 28 other airlines connecting Doha to the world.

International Direct Flights

As of today, direct flights from/to Doha from Europe are served by Qatar Airways’ airplanes, KLM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines (from/to Istanbul), while British Airways has 1 stopover in Bahrain. All direct flights to Far East, South East Asia, American continent and Australia are mostly flown only by Qatar Airways, except for Hong Kong where Qatar shares the market with Cathay Pacific.

Flying times to big cities in the western Europe are usually around 6 to 7 hours, while flying times to South East Asia, such as Jakarta takes about 8 hours, while to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, are about 6 to 7 hours, both on big jet planes.

As a reference if you buy tickets well in advance, the return air fare from Frankfurt or London or Paris starts from approximately EUR 700. From Sydney or Melbourne (Australia) to Doha costs around AUD 1800 to AUD 1900 via Abu Dhabi. From New York to Doha starts approximately USD1300 (transit in Amsterdam and Damman). From Hong Kong or Tokyo, the return air fare starts from USD 930 to USD 930 (1 stop in United Arab Emirates).

For the latest fares please check with the respective airlines.

Getting In and Out Of The Airport

The main transportation from Doha International airport to downtown Doha is mainly served by taxi. All taxis from the airport charge their passengers by meter reading and they are available just after stepping out of the arrival hall (to the right side of the exit doors). The fares really depend on the traffic and time of arrival (day or night), however, there is a minimum fare for airport taxi, which is QAR 25 (this can take you as far as approximately 3 kilometers or 2 miles. These airport taxis are not allowed to pick up passengers on the street. Once dropping off the passengers, company regulations tell them to return to the airport empty. See Within Doha for further information on taxi. Bigger and more photos of the Doha International Airport available by clicking the picture above.

Another option is by taking a bus but you have to walk out of the airport to reach the main road (about 200 meters/220 yards). However it is seldom to see tourists travelling by bus in Doha.

Some hotels might also have airport pick up services and their busses are parked just outside the arrival terminal (only a few steps away from the exit doors).

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