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Land and Sea Transportation to Doha

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Land Transportation

By land, Qatar is only connected with Saudi Arabia. Although there has been a plan to build a causeway between Qatar and Bahrain, till today there is no sign of commencement of the project. The initial plan is to have it ready by 2015 and will be about 40 kilometers/25 miles long.

Border crossing practice between Saudi Arabia and Qatar can take ages. Depending on many factors, it can be as long as 5 hours just to cross the border. So be ready if you decide to take this way to reach Qatar or going out of Qatar. Driving from downtown Doha to the border line (and vice versa) takes about 1.5 hours in a relatively smooth highway. Click the picture for a bigger view of the photo on the left.

Currently there is no “long-range” bus service between Doha and other cities in Qatar nor between Qatar and other countries in the region.

Sea Transportation

Just like land transportation, Qatar has not yet developed its opportunities in sea transportation. As of today, there is no scheduled passenger ship service to or from Doha.

Traditional boats or Dhows and private yachts are common views in Qatari water, apart from commercial shipping vessels, which dock at Doha Port, near the Museum of Islamic Art..

Most people go sailing only to nearby islands. There are only two favourite islands among local residents, which is about one or two hours away from Doha.

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