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Desert safari to enjoy sand dunes is one the main attractions for foreign tourists in Qatar (and perhaps in other gulf countries as well), where people experiencing a part of the real life of Arabian world. Often foreigners (and of course the Qataris) who live in Doha go to the dunes over the weekend with their family or friends and some even spend the night there. Unless you live in Doha, foreign visitors need to engage a local tour operator for a trip to the desert.

The favourite 4-wheel-drive car to experience Doha’s sand dunes is usually Toyota Land Cruiser. Before going deep into the sea of sand, you will see your driver reduces the tires pressure, which will be pumped back to normal pressure on the way back from the dunes. Tour companies in Doha mostly have three types of sand dunes trips, half day, full day and overnight trips. Your trip may include a brief stop at the company’s traditional Arabic tent for a break (coffee or tea or little snacks may be provided).

Qatar’s sand dunes is also well known for its “singing dunes”. Located between the Salwa Road and Messaieed (near US Air Base), this singing dunes can be heard if the sand is in a very dry condition. There are around 35 singing dunes in the world (read Frances Gillespie’s "Discovering Qatar" for more information on the singing dunes in Qatar) and Qatar has one of them here. Contact any local tour agents/tour operators for a trip to the singing dunes (see remarks below).

Bigger and more photos of Doha's sand dunes available by clicking the picture above.

Location : south of Doha (near Sealine Beach Resort)
How to get there : own transport or tour operators
Remarks : normally tour agents require a minimum guests per trip, since the numbers vary and can be negotiated, please contact directly any local tour agent. Find out more local tour agents in Doha.

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