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Souq Waqif DohaSouq Waqif is the most visited souq in Doha and it is well developed compared to the other souqs nearby. Souq Waqif literarily means “standing market”, where in the past local residents met each other to exchange or buy their needs, such as meat, milk, and so on.

Today it has plenty of souvenirs shops, modern restaurants (they don't sell alcoholic drinks here), groceries shops for mostly local residents, as well as a police station.

For more and bigger photos of Souq Waqif you can click the picture above.

Location : Grand Hamad St (near the Corniche)
Operating hours : varies, some restaurants open for 24 hours, many shops/restaurants open from around 10am-around 12:30pm and reopen from about 4pm-10pm
Facilities : ATMs, banks
Nearby attractions : Fanar Qatar Islamic Cultural Center
Museum of Islamic Art
The Corniche
How to get there : by own transport or taxi. Public bus number 76 stops next to the Museum of Islamic Art
Remarks : Shops here mostly accept only cash payment
Prices at shops are mostly negotiable
Car parking can be a little difficult on weekends and dining times.

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