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Within Doha, moving around by own transport is the most common and, of course, the most comfortable way. Although taxi and public bus services are also available in Doha, they might not be easy and convenience to find.


Today, there are two taxi companies in Doha, called Karwa (see photo ) and Al Million Taxi, the new comer. Karwa is run by the government owned company, Mowasalat. Karwa taxies are divided into 3 categories: taxies equipped with radio (can be booked by phone), airport taxi (only to drop off passengers from the airport to town) and normal taxi (allowed to pick up and drop off passengers from any street in town). The new company, Al Million promises to give better services than its sister, Karwa (since Al Million is also somehow related to Mowasalat).

Taxi fare starts from QAR 4 (the flag fall), then the fare is charged QAR 1.2 per kilometer (day time) or QAR 1.8 per kilometer (night time), both for travelling within Doha. However there is a minimum fare of QAR 10. For example, if the meter displays QAR 6, when the driver presses the stop button, the number will automatically jump to QAR 10. If you like the taxi to wait for your, there will be an additional waiting cost of QAR 8 for 15 minutes.

As a reference, an approximately 9 kilometer-trip will cost you around QAR 13 (about 20 minutes in a normal traffic condition). This 9 kilometer figure can take you virtually everywhere in Doha, measured from Souq Waqif or Museum of Islamic Art (expect to pay more for further away destinations, such as Aspire Park, Villagio shopping mall, Zoo).

However, usually it is not easy to find taxies on the streets in Doha. Taxies are easily found mostly on certain areas only, such as around Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street (around Doha Clinic), Bank Street (near the Sword Statue), around Najma area (near Gulf Cinema), Souq Waqif and big shopping malls, just to name a few.

Other thing that might annoy passengers: they have to argue with the driver over the meter. A few drivers are reluctant to run the meter, even though it is the company policy to use the meter (this should be written on a sticker inside the taxi). Sometimes insisting on the meter might work, sometimes not. Comes to the worst, one or two drivers might stop to pick up more passengers on the street. Should this happen to you, just strongly reject his plan (there is no female driver yet as of today). Al Million’s taxis are equipped with GPS to avoid passengers being over-charged by the drivers.

If you need a taxi in advance, you have to book for one at least a day before. This is to avoid unnecessary disappointment, since the radio-equipped taxies are limited. Booking fee for both companies are the same, QAR 4. Al Million’s toll free number: 8005500, Karwa’s call center: 44588888.

Apart from the official two companies, there are also “unlicensed taxis” in Doha. They are operated by individuals. Even though it’s “illegal”, their presents do help local residents to moving around, since it may not be easy to get “legal taxi” on street. Finding them is quite easy. Just stand on the sidewalk and if they happen to be around, they will stop next to you and ask “taxi”?

A short distance trip, for example from Gulf Cinema area to the airport, costs between QAR 10-15 (negotiation is definitely needed here). A further distance, like Hamad hospital/La Cigale Hotel to the airport, costs between QAR 15-20. One of the furthest travel distances possible within Doha, such as from Villagio to the airport, costs around QAR 35 to QAR 40. Important thing to remember before getting in the car, do make sure the driver agrees on the price!

Limousine Services

Limousine taxies are usually easier to book, however, “last minute” booking during peak hours might end up with nothing. As a reference, usually it costs around QAR 40 for the first 40 km. This basically covers almost from one side to the other side of Doha (nearly as good as from the Pearl to Villagio shopping mall).

A list of some limousine companies in Doha:

Al Watan Limousine
Tel: +974 44477999

Doha Limousine
Tel: +974 44839999

Elite Limousine
Tel: +974 44426184

Mustafawi Limousine
Tel: +974 44671007

Qatar Limousine
Tel: +974 44868668

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Praveen 28 Oct 2013


What are the terms and conditions to get Radio Taxi License in Doha


Joe 10 Jul 2012


Yes, those private taxis...Can be helpfull but need a good knowledge of your fare!

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